Guest Blog by Christy Shults

My goal is to share insightful parenting/children blogs Monday evenings. This week’s schedule was interrupted by a respiratory infection. Thank God I am on the road to recovery!

Enough about me. I am delighted to introduce you to Christy. I met her shortly after moving into her father’s neighborhood in Ben Lomond, California. Even though both her dad and I have moved away, it’s such a small mountain community that I see her frequently. In fact, her son is one of my pre-school students.

Christy is an amazing woman, mother, businesswoman, artist and student! She’s the mastermind behind the illustrations of Am I Pretty which she designed from scratch as well as other books she’s illustrated for me.


If you are in the market for unique handcraft gifts, head on over to her on line stores Hilde Hauc and Zelzi Belle. I asked her to share her thoughts with on parenting two young children. Please welcome Christy Shults!


My name is Christy and I am a single mommy of two awesome kiddos, Mikayla ten and Zachy five. I am a full time student and I have many little jobs entertaining my creative side. I can imagine that the perfect mother with the perfect kids never raises her voice to her children nor do they give her a reason to do so. However, here on God’s green earth, my children and I were created with free will, so there are many days we irritate each other.

Lately mornings in my house have been filled with whining and crying children and my voice carrying through every room with aggravation. We make it to the car, I apologize for yelling, feel the guilt multiply and repeat the next day. But today I had a parenting win! I told Zach to get dressed, and he needed to be done by the time I got out of the shower. I get out, look at his pile of clothes, look at him and see he has only put on his shirt. My temperature starts to rise, and then I see Mikayla looking at me with the uh oh here it comes look. So I calmly call Zach into my room, get down on his level and ask him, “Zachy, what did I ask you to do?” He starts to respond, “Mommy I was going to die on my game so I couldn’t finish getting dressed.” Deep breathe…”Zachy, did I ask you to get dressed or win your game?” “You asked me to get dressed.” Wow, he got it. “So do you think you should finish getting dressed before you play?” “Okay Mommy.” I look over at Mikayla and she is smiling taking it all in. I don’t know how tomorrow will go, but this morning was a Mommy win.

Those kind of mornings make me feel like, okay, I got this. Then there are some days where I just cannot hold onto the calm. I am human, it is natural. What I can do though, is let my children know that I am sorry.  That I should not have yelled. If I own my faults then I will be setting an example to them. This has really worked in my household. My ten year old is going into her pre-teens and I am so proud of her when she comes to me and explains that she was feeling overwhelmed and that is why she may have slammed the door. Or even my five year old son told me that even when he is mad and he says he doesn’t love me, he still does, he is just mad right then.

We have to remember that we are forgiven, and to forgive ourselves too, and offer our apologies.

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