Summer Time


I can’t believe there’s less than 3 weeks until school is out! Yikes, where did the school year go?

With summer quickly approaching, I’ve searched for fun things to do with my kids. I wanted to share some ideas I came across with you.

1. Camping

2. Picnics

3. Beach or lakes

4. Hiking

5. Theme parks

6. Family vacation or “staycation”

7. Movies

8. Bowling

9. Miniature golf

10. Museums

11. Zoos

12. Aquariums

13. Fishing also published a guide 10 Fun Things to Do with your Kids this Summer. I liked their suggestion of doing yard work or gardening together. I’ve included the link to their article if you’d want to read more.


If you live in Central California, there are many choices such as:

1. Santa Cruz Beach and Boadwalk – ocean, rides, bowl, arcade, mini golf or laser tag

2. Roaring Camp Railroad

3. Henry Cowell Redwood Park, Big Basin Redwood Park, or Nisene Marks Park

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium, Seymour Marine Discovery Center or Monterey Bay National Marine Santuary

5. Farmer’s Markets

6. UCSC Farm, Wilder Ranch, Gizdich Farm, or Swanson’s Berry Farm

7. Skateboard or BMX bike parks

We also have some great nearby attractions:

1. Yosemite National Park

2. Lake Tahoe

3. San Francisco

4. Great America, Raging Waters, or Gilroy Gardens

5. Children’s Discovery Museum, Happy Hollow Park, or San Jose Giants

6. Sky High Jump or K1 Racing

I’m sure I missed more fun places. So, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Blessings, Rebecca

PS I’m excited to introduce my new Kindle ebook releases:

cover-imageJ’aime La Plage

cover-imageJ’aime Manger Les Fruit

cover-imageJ’aime Manger Les Legumes

Also, I’m thrilled to announce I Like The Beach, Me Gusta El Oceano and Me Gustan Los Angles are available in paperback!

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