Happy July!  I trust you are enjoying summer. Per my blog posted on May 4, Good Viewing, I’m  a stickler for wholesome children’s shows. It’s a challenge these days to find quality programs, and my husband and I instill the importance to our kids.

So, when I was approached by Second Baptist Church in Texas to review their new children’s program GIGL TV,  I was excited!

After I watched the first episode, I knew it would be a hit with pre-school age children; especially being a pre-school teacher.

GIGL TV  stands for Growing In God’s Love.  The characters in each episode face problems common to preschoolers such as sharing, listening, and self-control. They use Bible stories to reinforce the theme which allows your child to connect the Bible to his or her life!  In addition, they learn shapes, colors, and numbers.

You get all this, and it’s free on YouTube!

They have one episode available now, and others soon to follow. Feel free to subscribe to the Second Baptist Church Channel to be updated when new episodes are released. Their goal is to have their own GIGL TV channel.

Enjoy the first video Small Fries:

DISCLAIMER: No compensation was received for this product review. Just happy to pass along “Good Viewing!”

Blessings, Rebecca

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