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This week’s blog arrives a bit late due to a technical glitch. My apologies. Fortunately, we fixed it!

I met Karina and her boys at church a few years ago. Our kids attended Sunday school together, and later a private Christian school. She’s one of the most passionate women I’ve ever met! I asked her to share her co-parenting thoughts with us. Please welcome Karina Peterson!

Blessings, Rebecca

Parenting is probably ranked as one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs I’ve ever had to endure in my life. I am a Mother to three amazing boys, and a wife to Robert, my amazing husband! Robert and I met through eharmony (yes, that website is actually a success!) in 2011. We then got married in 2013 and together we created an instant family. I had two boys and he had one all being very close in age. (Brendan is 9, Austin-Ryan is 11 and Dallas is 12 years old).

Family Close up

Being in a blended family definitely has many challenges. Two of my boys are used to being with each other and adding another one has definitely added some chaos with mixed feelings. My oldest son, also my stepson, has had his own challenges in his life with his Mom dying from drugs at an early age, adjustment from no longer being an only child and having a Mom. It makes it difficult to be an instant Mom to someone who’s never really had a Mom that cared, but I know in the end that however difficult raising him is, the end result will be very rewarding. When it comes down to it they all treat each other like a brother, whether they want to admit it or not. It does make it a challenge to meet each of their needs, help with all of their homework and keep them accountable.

Christmas Card Photo

Both of us work, I am a 4th grade teacher and my husband does fire, flood and mold restoration, however, I am usually home first because I only work 3 minutes from my home. Then it’s on to help with homework, help them get to their activities (they are allowed one activity and one sport which most of them are taken together making it much easier), and getting dinner on the table. The crockpot is literally my best friend in getting homemade meals on the table in a timely manner. My boys will be the first to tell me whether dinner is awesome or dinner is “okay” (which is code for please don’t ever fix this meal again). I never imagined the exhausting moments it would take to raise a family from work, cleaning house, cooking dinner, and the endless nights of homework projects, and assignments. On the flipside, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Our boys are all loved, cared for, and disciplined to hopefully become Godly men yearning for God’s heart as men. We love to take them on family trips and go places so that the day they get old enough and have to leave, their minds will be filled with memories of places we have traveled to or visited together as a family. Until then, I will take the crazy household and cherish the boys where they are at now because I know the craziness will one day subside and my husband and I will be left with a very quiet house feeling bittersweet they are all gone.

Family Christmas Photo 2014


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