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Happy Labor Day!

Sarah Dyson enjoys gaming. Her My primary gaming experience has been Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs. She has played games on all platforms (i.e. consoles, personal computers, and handheld devices) for the past 25 years. Sarah has a Masters degree in Information Technology and Project Management. She is pursuing her PhD in Social Psychology to better understand cultural and social factors related to gaming. Please welcome Sarah Dyson!

Blessings, Rebecca

Internet Safety for Parents!


As parents, we continually ask ourselves what parts of the Internet are appropriate for my kids.

Internet safety can be challenging to say the least.  With so many devices, and forms of entertainment parents continue to question child’s online safety.  Public Wi-Fi networks, such as Barnes and Noble, Starbucks, and McDonald’s are in my opinion not safe for children.  These are open networks, and easy targets for predators to infiltrate your device and reach our children.  The most reliable network is one that you can monitor.  If a device is needed to entertain your child while, in public, I suggest that you have a 2nd device that does not access the Internet. 

What are the best ways to keep kids safe while still having fun?

As parents we want to connect with our kids, we want them to enjoy life, and have fun, but remain safe while doing it.  Playing games online can be safe, but a parent needs to make it safe and keep it safe for them.  Below are a few quick steps we can take to implement and maintain this environment.  Children are brilliant, fast learners, and today have access to a variety of information online.  If we keep this in mind while protecting our kids, we not only keep them safe online but also teach them to be safe online as well. This concept is no different from “stranger danger” while in public.  Talking with our children about who they play with online, what types of games they like most and why, provides prime opportunities to teach online safety.


Here are a few tips, on how to keep your kids safe while online and monitor their game play.

  • Having a family computer or console in a central is a great way to monitor the content children are playing.
  • Observing whom they are playing with, talking to and interacting with online is important as well.
  • Asking questions about whom they play with, why they like to play with them, and what they like about the game are all important aspects of connecting with your child and monitoring their gaming habits.
  • Learning about your child’s interest not only establishes a connection but also gives you insight into your child’s perspective.
  • You can learn whom your children are playing with on a regular basis without being argumentative or intrusive. solutions4 Key Steps to Safe Online Gaming!
  1. Home networks are the safest
  2. Secure your network with these 6 steps Click Here
  3. Always keep your virus protection up-to-date, check this regular
  4. Password protect all gaming devices with a combination of capital letters, lower-case letters, numbers and symbols that only, the parents know what it is also; update this password on a regular basis.

For more information on Gaming, Internet safety, or Device security click here or head over to Parents Guide to Gaming to get your free e-book on How to Painlessly Remove Devices from your Child’s Bedroom.

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