Baby Jesus


“Indeed the very hairs on your head are numbered…” Luke 12:7

As Christmas approaches, I wanted to share a cute story with you.

Baby Jesus

Each Christmas our family places a manger in our yard which include Mary, Joseph and Jesus. My husband and nine-year-old son handcrafted a barn and manger.

At night, our children couldn’t wait for their dad to plug it in to see the charaters glow.

Three days before Christmas, my seven-year-old daughter’s best friend noticed something strange, “Alicia, where is Baby Jesus?”

“Mom, Baby Jesus is missing,” Alicia shouted!

My jaw dropped. “Where could it have gone?”

Saddened, we prayed that Baby Jesus would be returned.

The next day, we searched for Baby Jesus. One neighbor greeted us, “Hi. Whatcha looking for?”

“We’re looking for Jesus,” I mused.

“You’re looking for what,” she chuckled.

We told her the story and she got angry. She fashioned a poster which read, Whoever took Baby Jesus, please return it!

We left our manger up an additional week. Unfortunately, it didn’t show up.

Two months later, on the way to school, Alicia looked out the car window and asked, “Hey Mom, isn’t that our Baby Jesus over there?”


I glanced and couldn’t believe my eyes. Baby Jesus was propped up in front of our neighborhood liquor store.

I whipped into the parking lot and ran inside. The clerk finished with her customer’s transaction, “Can I help you?”

“Ma’am is that your manger scene out front?”

She looked at me puzzled, “Nope. Someone just left it there.”

“I’d love to have it, because someone took ours a few days before Christmas.”

Her eyes widened, “Wait, someone stole Jesus? That’s not good. Yes, please take it.”

I thanked her, smiled and grabbed Baby Jesus. “Here you go Sweetheart.” She giggled.

When I returned home, my husband and son were resting on our couch. I tapped on the window and pointed to Baby Jesus. Their faces lit up. “Where did you find that,” Randy asked. “Wow, that’s cool,” Austin said.

Strangely, the next year Baby Jesus went missing again. We kept our eyes peeled for several months following without success.

In August that year, we sold our house and rented back until the end of October.  We then moved into a rental property in the same town. One day in November, and our old neighbor, Mabel, called us to say, “Randy, you are not going to believe this! I found Baby Jesus on your old front yard! So, I asked the new neighbor if I could return it to you guys, and they happily agreed.”

We jumped in our car and raced over to gather our Baby Jesus.


As I write this blog, he sits between Mary and Joseph once more; only he has a little road rash.  Amazing!

Prayer: Thank you God for being involved in the details of our lives.

What are you thankful for this Christmas season?



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