Guest Blog by Sherry Kyle, Book Review & Giveaway

GG to Life cover


When Sherry approached me to review her new book, The Girl’s Guide to Life, I was excited, because I wrote along side her for our church women’s blog. She’s amazing lady! Earlier, she’d given me her book, The Girls’ Guide to Your Dream Room which was a good read. In it, she shares with her readers fun ideas to jazz up your daughter’s bedroom.

The Girl’s Guide to Life is chaulked full of biblical advice for girls (ages 10-12 years-old) on life lessons such as how to find and keep friends, make good grades at school, and stand firm when temptation appears. It’s sprinkled with bible passages to encourage our young women. It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me personally as my daughter, Alicia, entered junior high this year and struggles with most, if not all, of the issues. I especially enjoy at the end of each chapter Sherry poses relfective questions for the our girls which help them work through life challenges. In addtion, there are simple DIY craft ideas such as a faric prayer journal and fun facts to review.

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this book review; just passing on a Good Read.

Sherry Kyle is the author of books for tween girls, including a Gold Mom’s Choice Award winner, and new and upcoming releases The Girl’s Guide to Life and Love, Lexi: Letters to God. She also writes novels for women set along the coast of California where she makes her home with her college sweetheart and their four children. When she’s not writing, Sherry spends her time reading, having coffee with friends, and decorating her beach home. You can visit her at, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Please welcome Sherry!

Blessings, Rebecca

author photo

5 Benefits of Sharing a Meal with your Family

What is your favorite time of the day?

For me, it’s dinnertime. I enjoy gathering my family around the table to enjoy a good meal. We chat, eat, laugh, and many times have important discussions about life.

There are many benefits of sharing a meal with your family, but these five stick out in my mind:

  • A time to reconnect. We live such busy lives. Taking the time to share a meal lowers stress and bonds the family together.
  • Healthier eating. Let’s face it, a well-thought out meal is good for the health. Studies show kids eat more fruits and vegies when they eat at home.
  • Overall health. Studies show sharing a meal with our kids results in less obesity, leads to less behavior issues, and helps kids achieve higher grades in school.
  • Sense of community. Cooking, setting the table, and cleaning up are all things kids can participate in to help the family work together.
  • A time to share God’s Word. Reading the Bible or having a family devotion after a meal teaches kids that God is the center of your lives and builds faith.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayers.”

Acts 2:42

Table Re-do

Dining room table Before

Our dining table received a makeover this past weekend. The top of the table had tons of wear, and I wanted the table to match the chairs. So I dove into the world of chalk paint and purchased Annie Sloan Graphite and Dark Wax.

Usually you don’t have to sand the furniture before painting using Annie Sloan’s products, but the woman who sold me the dark wax suggested I sand the top of the table and only use the dark wax on the top to give it a rich, mahogany color.

Noah, my seventeen-year-old son, sanding the table

Next, I painted the base Graphite, an almost-but-not-quite-black. More like a matted dark gray. By the next morning, I noticed the table needed a second coat for that more solid-instead-of-rustic look I was going for.

After that dried completely, I put on a coat of dark wax over the graphite to darken it even more.

The following day, I added one more coat of dark wax to the table’s surface since it will get a lot of wear and tear from my big family.

Here’s the final look. The wax will take 30 days to cure, but we can enjoy the table as long as we use placemats and coasters.

Dining room table After

How often do you eat a meal with your family?


Now it’s your turn to read The Girl’s Guide to Life as we’re giving away one FREE copy. We need at least 10 people commenting in order to ship a complimentary book. So, please encourage your friends to comment below as we’d love to hear from other Moms and Dads seeking to raise their tween daughters with godly character. Simply tell us about a life lesson you’ve shared with her growing up. Your name will then be placed in our drawing.

On Feburary 22, 2016, we will randomly select a winner. The winner must supply his/her mailing address to us no later than February 29, 2016. One Free copy will then be shipped directly to the winner’s address provided.




9 thoughts on “Guest Blog by Sherry Kyle, Book Review & Giveaway

    1. Hi Rajee,
      Thanks for joining in! The topic of veggies is always fun to talk about with the kids. Last night I found out my teen girl likes broccoli, brussel sprouts (which I don’t like), asparagus, and artichokes the best. We also eat a lot of salad. Sometimes I make a fruit salad too. What about you?

      Liked by 1 person

  1. mlcoffey2gmailcom

    I could never get my own children to eat veggies. They would eventually eat them, but grudgingly. We always had dinner together with no phones or TV. We would put music on, usually light jazz or classical and actually talk to each other. It’s a habit my children now do with their families. My grandchildren love veggies of all kinds. We love experimenting with different vegetable dishes. My kids just shake their heads.


      1. mlcoffey2gmailcom

        They love grilled summer squash and tomatoes in the summer. They love lima beans, brussel sprouts, broccoli, things that you wouldn’t expect kids to love. We’re going to haunting the farmers markets in our area this summer and talking to the various farmers on new recipes. My grandson is a budding chef and loves to help in the kitchen. He told me today he wants us to go to Australia to try some of the restaurants. He’s so funny.


      1. mlcoffey2gmailcom

        It was our favorite time of day, too. Our kids used to tell us that we were one of the few families that had strict dinner policies, no tv or phone. But it was nice to be able top sit down and actually talk and listen to them. Now they do it and I am told how relaxing it is for everyone after a crazy day. And it really will set the tone for the evening. Getting them relaxed and fed and getting them to slow down for a bit is good for everyone.


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