Personal Life Goals Check-In


Lord, our Lord how majestic is your name in all the Earth.  –  Psalm 8:1

Happy Leap Day! A Leap Year is recognized every four years wherein one extra day is added to keep the calendar year sychronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.

I am thankful for an additional day as it gives me more time to reach my goals. I read recently according to Statistic Brain Research Institute 45% of people usually accomplish their personal goals. I then reviewed our 2016 family goals, and was pleased to find we are excelling at one; exploring our “backyard.”

A few weeks ago, we drove our kids to Davenport Beach which is a 30 minute drive north of us on Highway 1. We stopped at a local bakery, grabbed some cookies and strolled along its cliffs. On our walk, we came across UCSC students filming a movie.


A couple weeks ago, we visited Half Moon Bay which is about 60 minutes north of us off Highway 1. We walked along the world renowned surfer’s paradise, Maverick’s Beach. Afterwards, we ate at a coastal restaurant where our son feasted on a mound of mouth-watering French toast


A week ago, we took a ride an hour south to the world famous Carmel 17 Mile Drive. I hadn’t been there since the 90’s and my husband since the 70’s. We enjoyed discovering its breathtaking views with our children. We wound our way through its s-curve highway and stopped along the 21 points of interests.


On our first stop, I jumped out of the car, and felt the warm California sun splash on my face. I inhaled the fresh salty air, and listened to the crashing waves hit the rocky coast. It’s quite a different sound than I am familiar with along the Santa Cruz coast. The rolling sets have a tremendous energy; almost electric. As I panned 180 degrees, I saw deep blue and turquoise water.


As our tour wound down, we stopped at the infamous Monterey Bay Cypress Tree which is pictured as the Pebble Beach Golf Course logo. Just the day before, thousands of people gathered to watch Vaughn Taylor win the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tour.





At the end of our day, we were blessed to stumble across seals basking in the sun. I turned to my right and gasped. My daughter said, “What’s the matter Mom? Are you ok?”


“Look, there is a romp of sea otters,” I exclaimed.


“They are so cute,” my son chimed.

I had never seen more than one or two at a time. So, it was spectacular! What a perfect way to end our day of discovery.

Enough about me! How are you doing with your personal goals and/or New Year’s resolutions? I’d love to hear about it. Please share with us below.
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4 thoughts on “Personal Life Goals Check-In

  1. Such beautiful shots of your local scenery! This just reminded me that we’d forgotten to write down our news year goals. Smh. Glad your on top of yours so far. I have to write mine down to keep them at the front of my brain. Will do it this weekend.


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