Jesus Helps Me Book Review & Giveaway


Jesus Helps Me by Callie Grant offers four levels of exploration: a quoted Bible passage (John 12:44-47), supporting captions that relate the passage to a child’s life, thinking questions to personalize the experience, and colorful, full-page photographs. Also included is a tip section for parents on how to use the book with a baby, toddler, and child. Jesus Helps Me is a Learn book in the well-received Learn, Absorb & Praise™ Collection, which makes personal Bible studies accessible to young children.

The book is a Learn book in the well-received Learn, Absorb & Praise™ Collection, which makes personal Bible studies accessible to young children. Alongside adults, the series helps kids build a foundation for faith and a lifelong friendship with Jesus.

The release of Jesus Helps Me coincides with launch of the re-designed of the Knowing My God series, which now features an updated look and expanded content. Additional products supporting the line will follow, including Jesus Inspires Me: An Enriching Activity & Coloring Book (May 2, 2016) and the Knowing My God Series Gift Set, a slipcased set featuring all four current series titles (Oct. 1, 2016).

Graham Blanchard Inc. is passionate about providing the highest quality books and resources to promote a love of learning about God, in addition to supporting families with prayer and the shared experiences of other parents.Their books are distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor, STL and Anchor Distributors. For more information please visit

I read it upon receipt and it is a delightful board book for young children. It’s pictures pop with color. I love that it is chalked full of scripture you can instill in your kids and grandkids.

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this book review; just passing on a Good Read.

Blessings, Rebecca


When Callie Grant had her daughter, she struggled to find books for her that shared the heart and mind of Jesus, while still keeping her little one excited about the story. Grant, with an extensive background in writing and educational publishing, decided to make the books she wanted her child to read – books about who God is and how we are made to be with him. To do so, Grant founded Graham Blanchard Inc., a publishing company that creates books and resources to support the spiritual development of children and their families.

Graham Blanchard books have been well received by trade publications and more than 100 websites and blogs written by Christian parents. In spring 2017 Graham Blanchard is launching its first program for grownups, The Newborn Promise Project. This will be a book and class offered to expecting and new parents through churches and small groups, to prepare parents for spiritually nurturing their new child. The program follows the May 2015 release of an e-book for parents, Spiritual Parenting in the First Five Years: God’s Plan for Early Childhood Christian Discipleship.

Prior to founding Graham Blanchard, Grant worked as a consultant in marketing, public relations and educational publishing for clients like DK, Scholastic, and Ask Jeeves. Grant has a degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee with minors in business and political science. A job with GTE’s defense division took her from Washington D.C. to Silicon Valley, where she lived for two decades working in political, nonprofit, and corporate sectors before transitioning full time into the educational publishing industry.

Grant began working on a masters in theology, but was happily detoured when she discovered she was expecting a child. Callie, her husband Michael and their 12-year-old daughter now live in Austin, Texas. Grant is active in her church and community and loves experiencing Austin’s beautiful outdoors, but her favorite place to be is curled up next to her daughter reading books together. Grant hopes the books Graham Blanchard produces will inspire other families to get cozy and read together about the love of Christ. Their books are distributed by Ingram/Spring Arbor, STL and Anchor Distributors.


Now it’s your turn to read Jesus Helps Me as we’re giving away one FREE copy. We’d love to hear from other Moms and Dads seeking to raise their sons and daughters with godly character. Simply tell us about how Jesus helps you or your little ones. Your name will then be placed in our drawing.

On March 21, 2016, we will randomly select a winner. The winner must live in the continental US and supply his/her mailing address to us no later than March 28, 2016. One Free copy will then be shipped directly to the winner’s address provided.


5 thoughts on “Jesus Helps Me Book Review & Giveaway

  1. As a new momma, I’m so thankful that Jesus helps us and cares about the smallest of our concerns… including diaper rashes! We love reading books together and since we first found out that I was pregnant, have prayed that our daughter would walk faithfully with Jesus from a young age. What a privilege (and great responsibility) to raise our children in the ways of the Lord!

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  2. It’s our job as parents to raise up our children in the way they should go and (prayerfully, we hope as parents) they will not depart from it when they are older. Together, my husband and I put a lot of trust in our Father for our kids and are doing the best job we know how as parents to raise our 3 young kids to know and love Jesus. We love to read to our kids and love that our oldest already has a deep love for reading himself. Way to go for sharing Jesus with little ones! Be blessed!


    1. Katrina, I love that you are instilling a love of Jesus and reading in your children. That’s awesome! I stand in agreement with you that our kids will not depart, but follow Him all the days of their lives!


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