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This week my guest blogger is Sophia Smith. She is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with huge interest in organic beauty products, yoga and healthy living. Sophia loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people. She writes mostly in lifestyle related topics, mainly through blogs and articles, and she is regular contributor at High Style Life. Please welcome Sophia!

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Awaken the Genius in Your Child with These Simple Steps

The most important tasks parents have is taking care of their children and loving them unconditionally. Besides those crucial missions, parents have to help their children reach their full potential, in education, and in life, in general. All parents want their children to be the best, smartest and brightest, but in order to achieve that they too have to make an effort to encourage brilliance in their children, because it is not something they are born with, it is something that develops as they grow.

Various researches have shown that motivating your kids and participating in some moderate way in their playing and learning can lead to better results in school and development of lifelong love for learning.

Enhance the Visual

People are visual learners and they understand and adopt knowledge about things they see, much easier than about the ones they hear or read. Furthermore, that knowledge tends to stick for much longer if it is gained through visual means.

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For children especially, it is much easier to comprehend and retain information that is associated with images. Help your children organize and analyze learning material into diagrams, graphics, organizers, concept maps and outlines to better integrate new knowledge and develop critical opinion about a topic, which will, in return, result in better academic achievement.

Space for Learning

Children need to have a space that is encouraging learning, and here is where parents can really make a difference. In fact, often the environment is considered to be the “third teacher” interfering or enhancing children’s learning experience.

The learning room must be clean, safe and clutter-free, but also engaging. That means that it should be filled with interesting things motivating the children to explore, play, but also focus. Remember that kids get easily distracted, so the space should also be quiet, lit and isolated enough.

“Play Is the Highest Form of Research”

This ingenious sentence was spoken by one of the greatest geniuses in history – Einstein, and we can claim that he was right. From the very birth, children are discovering the world through play, and this continues to their mature days.

Play Is the Highest Form of Research

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Many of the video games can improve children’s learning experience and help them understand and remember new information. It is no wonder that plenty schools use videogames as a teaching mean and that some teachers even participate in creating educational games. A good example is Poptropica mythology island which is presenting important events and persons in history in a more fun and engaging way.

The Power of Books

Reading opens up a whole new world of imagination and knowledge for kids. If a child is acquainted with books in its early age, it is highly likely to achieve academic excellence. Still, sometimes it seems impossible to motivate your children to read more than a title. You can encourage your children to read by choosing good and fun books together. Another efficient way is to mark the results and reward children (e.g. for every third book there is a reward).

The Power of Books

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Remember though, that reading does not end the moment when the book is closed. Talk to your children about the message they received from the book, the associations with real-life people and events and your opinion on the matter.

Get Creative

Although media and new technologies have their role in improving learning experience and habits, their overconsumption can lead to faded proneness to creative thinking and actions. Luckily, creativity can be trained, by promoting imagination and curiosity (books, talking about other planets, nations, history), prompting children to solve problems (everything from a puzzle to a real-life problem) and finding a creative hobby for children to discover, enjoy and love.

Get Creative

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We are all born as potential geniuses, all we need is just a little encouraging and work to let our inner Einstein come to surface. A parent’s task is to make this process run smooth and efficient.

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How do you awaken the genius in your child? Feel free to share…




8 thoughts on “Guest Blog by Sophia Smith

  1. Music also contributes to children’s learning, playing, and understanding. We have music going in our home most of the time, all kinds of music. My children had music in their playroom and we often would walk by and have them all singing songs to each other.


  2. Jean-Marie Lawrence

    I don’t have kids myself, but I helped raise my little sister. Reading has always been encouraged in our home. When she was a child, I would read to her for hours from books she wasn’t quite ready to read on her own yet, because she just loved literature. Now she consumes every book she picks up!


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