Better Together Book Review & Giveaway


Jill Savage is an author and international speaker who helps moms be the best they can be. As the Founder and CEO of Hearts at Home, Jill has led thousands of moms to keep their priorities straight and their heart in tune with God. A mother of five, Jill is passionate about strengthening families. Jill and her leadership team at Hearts at Home bring encouragement to over 10,000 moms a year with their annual conferences. She is the author of 10 books, including her upcoming release Better Together(Moody), No More Perfect Kids, No More Perfect Moms, Living With Less So Your Family Has More, Real Moms…Real Jesus, and co-authored a book I recently reviewed with Dr. Todd  Cartmell called 8 Simple Tools to Raising Great Kids.


Her latest book, Better Together, explores the notion that women are not designed to mother alone. We are designed to mother in relationship with other women who understand what a mom’s life is like. We’re also designed to mother in relationship with the God who created us. This book encourages every mother to find her mothering community, a place where she can both give and receive support in the many forms moms need. Beyond encouraging moms to be in community, Better Together teaches how to build a tribe and what to do together once you have one, such as learn together, help together, care together, share together, pray together, forgive together, and encourage together.

I love Jill’s new book! It made me reflect on my own relationships and how I can build them up and make them stronger. I especially love the fact her daughter, Anne McClane, co-wrote the book! Better Together is sprinkled with sound biblical advice from creating to cultivating friendships. My favorite chapter is Variety Is The Spice of Life where you can  assess your personality traits to help you better understand your mothering and friendships. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Blessings, Rebecca

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this book review. Just passing along a good read.


Now it’s your turn to read Better Together as we’re giving away one FREE copy of each. We’d love to hear from other Moms or Dads are building healthy friendships. Simply tell us about one way you connect with others. Your name will then be placed in our drawing.

On May 2, 2016, we will randomly select a winner. The winner must live in the continental US and supply his/her mailing address to us no later than May 9, 2016. One Free copy of each will then be shipped directly to the winner’s address (Continental US only) provided.


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