Private or Public School


This year, we had to pull our two middle school children from their private Christian school and place them in our local public school.

I wrestled with the decision for a long time and held out as long as we could. However,  financial constraints were no match for this Mama’s tug-o-war.

To my pleasant surprise,  my kids are flourishing at their new school.  Academically , they are excelling. In fact, they have a larger selection of elective classes. My daughter took an art class on the high school campus and is currently enrolled in a drama course. My son took an office administration class and is now taking a swim unit.

Socially, they have branched out and made new friends as well as reconnected with sosomold friends. This was especially beneficial for my daughter, because last year’s class only had five girls. As a result, two would pair up and then another two which often excluded her. At her new school, if someone doesn’t want to hang out, there are five hundred others to chose from.

Morally, I miss the fact our children don’t attend chapel or bible study anymore. However,  they are still connected to their faith through church, reading their bibles, youth group, etc. I lean on God’s word that promises to train a child up in the wayhe/she should go and he/she will not depart from it.

All in all, I am very pleased with Austin and Alicia’s new school, and they are happy there. Also, I’ve learned a valuable lesson that both private and public schools offer our children an excellent learning environment.

Have you ever wrestled with a tough decision on behalf of your child(ren)? If so,  how did it go?

23 thoughts on “Private or Public School

  1. Its a difficult decision but my husband and I made a decision that, no matter what, we were sending our children to Catholic school. Our school system is horrible, worst in the state, and recently the administration was jailed for scrubbing attendance figures to get more federal money. Its a mess, so we do without sometimes to send our kids to private school. It is a tough decision.


  2. I love this. My husband and I don’t have children yet but we intend to put then in our church’s school which is FLC Academy. It only goes up to 8th grade because they believe that by that time your child is well rounded in Christian principles and can make decisions based on those values. I love reading about how your children are flourishing despite the changes!


  3. I have very mixed feelings about private schools where I live, but I think it all comes down to the pro’s and con’s and what a parent wants. My son will most likely be in public school and when he enters middle school I will revisit the idea.


      1. I actually liked my Christian school once I went to the public school because I realize we were being taught on a different level. And I actually liked school and learning. Now that was just for that particular school. And manny moons ago:)


  4. elizabeth959803

    Both my girls (one tween, one teen) have been in public school all along, and they have done wonderfully AND are both strong and growing in their faith. Frankly, my husband I believe we are our girls’ first and primary spiritual teachers (with the body of Christ as our support team). Meanwhile, we send our girls to public school for math and band and chemistry and all the things we are not skilled to teach them. As a mom of older kids, I’ve found these sorts of decisions to be so hard because I had the mindset that one choice was 100% right and perfect, while any other would ruin their lives forever. Over the years, God has taught me that it’s usually not about “perfect” but about “best under various circumstances and using the wisdom you’ve got at the time.” Blessings to you, Rebecca, as you make the most of this new season and circumstances!


  5. caseyp1110

    Thank you Rebecca! We all have to make tough decisions as parents and I think this will be one I will have to deal with at some point…which direction to go with schooling with our toddler.


  6. This is a great post, Rebecca! I had to make the same difficult decision three years ago. My youngest son had attended a wonderful Christian school since Kindergarten, but when we moved to my parents’ house I knew I’d need to make a change. He’d had a scholarship to that wonderful Christian school for most of his time there and we’d moved to a much more expensive area. We moved in November of his 5th grade year, so I decided to home school him for the rest of that year (I’d home schooled his brother for 7th and 8th) and start fresh with middle school. I worried about it more than he did! Guilt over sending my defenseless child, who’d already been through so much, into the “big bad” world of public school definitely didn’t help the process of adjusting to single-parenthood. He was excited to go! In his mind, he would just have more friends to hang out with.

    Nathan has flourished in public school. He immediately made friends, and he got to be part of a huge band class (it was the same size as the entire student body at his old school). For 7th grade, he made it into Jazz Band and got to perform at Disneyland. He hangs out with nice kids and has only complained about one teacher. Many of his teachers have been Christians.

    I can now say I have tried private, public, and home school and see benefits and drawbacks to all three. In fact, maybe I should write about them someday!


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