Discussion: Midlife Motherhood

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Are you a midlife Mom like myself?

I’d love to kick off a blog discussion about your parental insight/experience. As for me, I married at 35, had our son at 36 and our daughter at 39. They are 14 and 12 respectively. So, that puts me at age 51 with a high schooler and middle schooler. Most of my friends’ children are in college or have already started their careers.

I love motherhood! I waited a long time for my kiddos and they are precious to me. One thing I’ve learned is that I am not nervous Nelly as I imagine I would’ve been if I had my kids say right out of high school like my Mom did. On the other hand, when Austin and Alicia were babies and woke up for their early am feedings, I found myself bouncing off the walls. So, for me, there is a fine balance between confidence and energy level.

How about you? What have you learned as a midlife Mom?

Blessings, Rebecca

8 thoughts on “Discussion: Midlife Motherhood

  1. My mother in law is a midlife mother. She has 4 kids under 18 and they are all special needs which is a double whammy. She literally is my mom idol because I have no idea how she does it and stays energized and sane. I am 27 with a 5 year old and a 10 month old and I feel like I am going to fall asleep standing up or pull my hair out half way through the day. I guess growing as a woman teaches you more patience.


  2. That picture is ME! I’m 42 and have a 3 and 7-year-old. I’m tired. I’ve learned that I have to be extra diligent about my self care in order to maintain the energy level required for the job. They wear me out, really. At the moment I’m focusing on my health so that I can be active and healthy when they get older… and as I get older.


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