Guest Blog by Shannon Clark & Angels Above Book

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When Shannon’s publicist approached me to review her new book, Angels Above, I was excited as it is an innovative product! When I received my copy, it took my breath away. I thought Wow, this is amazing! I can see people giving Angels Above gift set as baby shower, baptismal, Easter, birthday or Christmas presents.
 I especially appreciate that a portion of the proceeds go to feed children.
About the Book 
A story about angels on a mission to spread love and share positive messages with children everywhere. This book set is a fun new approach to helping guide children throughout life. There are so many creative ways the messages can be delivered with the help of your Angel Friend.
About the Author
Shannon Clark, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing. Currently a free-lance writer, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Shannon lives in Kentucky with her husband and two children.
Please welcome Shannon!
Blessings, Rebecca
Definition of Parenting
 Having children of your own will keep you honest. Believe me, they know more than one might think. Whether it’s being reminded about missing church while on vacation, skipping bath night or forgetting to read this week’s library book, my children don’t hesitate to let me know when things don’t go as planned. I guess that is a good sign that we get it right most of the time.
It’s interesting how my view of parenting has changed over the years. The simple definition of “parenting” according to Merriam Webster Dictionary: the process of taking care  of children until they are old enough to take care of themselves: the things that parents do to raise a child. This sounds pretty straight-forward, right? This was my assumption growing up, as I watched screaming kids in the grocery store aisle in disbelief that the parents couldn’t control their children. Now, I’m the mom that races around the store trying to get everything before my two year old is finished eating the free bakery cookie. Whew! I’m pretty sure the Webster Dictionary decided it would be easier to stop with: the things that parents do to raise a child. As if the daily tasks weren’t enough, parents have an even greater responsibility of imparting values and morals to their children.
As a parent, I want to inspire in my children love, faith, devotion and confidence so that they can take it upon themselves to go out and succeed in their own endeavors one day. I hope and pray for their happiness and that they will lead and inspire others while demonstrating self-responsibility, courage and poise. Ben Franklin once said the following: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” These kids DO learn by example. Instead of only telling or teaching our children to help others, sign up as family to help serve meals at a shelter this Thanksgiving. Instead of only telling or teaching children to be kind, make cards this Christmas to share with people in the nursing home or hospital. Instead of only telling or teaching your children about Christ, put him at the center of everything you do. If they are going to be like me, God, please give me the strength to be like YOU! When Christ is in your heart, there is no limit to how bright your light will shine!
Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this book review and/or guest blog. Just passing along a good read.

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