Guest Blog by Barry Lind

Do you struggle with a cluttered space? This week, my guest blogger is Barry Lind from the UK and he’s sharing his thoughts on cleaning up clutter. Please welcome Barry!

Blessings, Rebecca


Clutter Busting Family

Clutter continues to piles in our homes every day and if we don’t take any measures to reduce it, we may find that we have too much garbage. The clutter busting family routine presented in this article will help you diminish the number of wastes and keep your rooms tidy and functional. This will save you time spent in cleaning and will ensure the good energy of your home.

Put a recycle bin in the hallway or near the place where you gather your mail. Put the read and no longer needed letters with mail, magazine and shop advertisements in the bin. You will have less junk and more free space in your hallway.

Create the habit of keeping kitchen appliances out of sight and put away. Designate a place for the coffee machine, toaster, can opener and the other appliances and put them away when you don’t use them. These can take a lot of space and after you remove them from the counter, you will prepare supper much easily. You will spend some time to move the appliances each morning after using, but keeping them put away is necessary for a less cluttered kitchen.

Check your closet and remove 10 pieces you don’t wear often and don’t like. Put them in a bin to free more space. This way you will find your clothes easier and they will breathe in the closet. You can do with the garments in the bin whatever you decide: give them away, donate or sell them – it’s up to you.


To avoid creating clutter with the clean and dirty clothes, throw the ones you have worn and won’t put on any more in the laundry basket immediately after taking them off. The clean attire fold and put in the drawer or hang in the wardrobe.

Keep the kids’ bedroom toys only in the closet and nowhere else. This way your kids will have one designated place for their toys and won’t scatter them everywhere else. Teach them to pick up and put away their toys each evening. This has multiple benefits: they will become more responsible, your home will be clean, your kids will understand that more toys means more tidying up. You can teach them to create this habit with awards and motivations.

End of tenancy cleaners advise you to gather the garbage from your home once in the week or every other week the day when the rubbish is removed in your neighbourhood. Take an old box and fill it with old toys, papers, foods and other wastes you don’t need. Clear as much from your home as you can and throw the full box in the rubbish bin.

Remove decorations from your rooms. Go through each room and gather as many decorations from tables, shelves, walls and other areas as you can. If they aren’t beautiful, stylish or meaningful to any of your family members, you won’t miss them. Moreover, you will need less time cleaning these areas as you won’t have to remove and return the decorations back before and after wiping.

Wash the dishes immediately after supper by hand or rinse and load them in the machine. You will spend less time hand washing spoons, forks, plates and other items than rinsing and putting them in the machine. Instead of letting them dry and pile in the kitchen sink, wash them after every supper.

Keep your desk clean and clear for your effective and pleasant work. Most items you have on the desk can be gathered inside drawers and if you tidy them, you will know where to find each one. This will save you time and other people will be able to use your desk. Keeping a tidy desk means less time necessary for cleaning it.

If you have any area in your home which is cluttered and untidy, take the time to organize and make it neat. It will become easier for cleaning as well. Use the tips offered here to keep your home rid of clutter and make it functional.

How do you eliminate clutter in your space?

Want more info on decluttering your life? Check out Kathy Lipp’s site where she shares humorous and practical ways to declutter your life.

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