Student Driver


My Freshman Austin

This week I allowed my teenage son behind the wheel of our car to prepare for his upcoming student driver training. It was a surreal moment watching him navigate the instruments. He now stands five inches taller than me and wears his Dad’s size shoes. As a result, he had to adjust the mirrors and seat settings.

While I guided him, I reflected back to holding him in my arms at a mere six-weeks-old. I remember his coo and smile as if it were yesterday. Now, look at him! Man, where does the time go?

Blessings, Rebecca

Have you encountered any milestones in your family’s life? I love to hear about them. Please share with us.

2 thoughts on “Student Driver

  1. I remember Brian who was jut 1 yr old at the time playing quietly in his room while I was resting my eyes for a short min ( very short nap) came up to me and opened one eye to see if I was awake, quietly going back to his room…I then got up to see what he was up to and he was just playing as usual. He just wanted to make sure Mommy was awake.


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