Street Children

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We recently rented the movie Lion about the street children of India. In short, it portays one boy’s adventure of getting separated from his family and his struggles living on the streets of India. It weighed heavy on my heart for many days following. I thought to myself, I wonder if there are street children in the United States.


A few weeks later someone gave us Sometimes God Has a Kid’s Face which where Sister Mary Rose McGeady shares several stories about the street children her ministry, Covenant House, helps. It opened my eyes to the dark world of runaway American children who are abused emotionally and/or physically

After reading it, I asked myself what can we do to help these kids. My thoughts are:

Pray – Ask God to help these children find healthy homes to grow up loved, safe and live fulfilled.

Donate – Give financially to organizations that help children get off the streets and into a safe haven until they are able to take care of themselves.

Serve – Donate time and skills to support organizations that help children thrive.

If you have any suggestions how we can help children around the world be safe, warm and fed, I eagerly await your ideas. Feel free to share with us.

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