Aging Parents

grandparent-clipart-grandparent-22591811.jpg (400×426)

In June, I wrote about a family cancer diagnosis with my step-mother. She’s in her third week of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. My dad accompanies her to her appointments faithfully every day; some lasting nine hours.

However, a few days ago, she called to tell me my father’s right lung collapsed.  Surreal! I am told he woke up feeling like an elephant was sitting on his chest. He was whisked away to the ER, underwent exploratory surgery and now is in ICU recovering.

Needless to say, I’ve been in heavy prayer for their healing, strength and endurance during a very difficult season. Also, I pray for wisdom to guide me through this new season of my life of aging parents. Would you join me in prayer for my folks? Thank you!

Do you have aging parents? If so, what carried you through illness? I’d love to hear about it.

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