Pay it Forward


As we enter our third week of school, I thought I would share a story with you about a time when we received unexpected school supplies. I hope you enjoy it.

The Lord is good to everyone and His tender

mercies are all over His works.

– Psalm 145:9

On a hot June day, I received notice that my manufacturing managerial job was transferring overseas. How will I provide for my family? “Lord, I don’t understand all of this, but I trust You to meet our needs.”
Two weeks prior to my children returning to school, I rummaged through their dressors and closets. They needed several items for which I didn’t have the means to purchase. Just then, I received a call from my Step-Mom. “Bec, I’d like to buy Austin and Alicia’s school supplies this year. Meet me at the mall this week.”
“Sounds great, thanks.”
Friday arrived, we met and she purchased the kids’ winter jackets, school outfits and backpacks. Like frosting on a cake, she bought each of them a toy too. I hugged her, “Thank you so much Dinky!”
Five years have passed since that day. Each year, she faithfully, even during her chemo and radiation treatments, continues the tradition of shopping for her grandchildrens’ school supplies. It is her way of paying it forward.
Prayer: Thank you God for providing for the needs of my children.

How have you been the recipient or a participant of a pay it forward? If so, I would love to hear about.

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