An important part of our family life is friends. My daughter’s best friend, Heather (pictured above on left)  is an intigual part of Alicia’s life. They share life together: The good, bad and ugly.


My son, Austin, is plugged into his youth group Young Life is important that he connects with like minded high schoolers. They support another with life’s pressures.


I have some gals I’ve connected with in the past couple of years. I appreciate I can share my life with them and they can share their lives with me.

I believe friendships enrich our family lives. Do you?

Do you have special friends you do life with?

Blessings, Rebecca

10 thoughts on “Friends

  1. cupcake1007

    My husband, parents, and children are my best friends. It’s lucky because I am constantly surrounded by them. We have also cultivated a very special group of friends to maintain close relationships with. The rest are on the outskirts, the way it should be- I have learned the hard way you should not give your heart to everyone because some do not appreciate the gift.


  2. Shell

    Friends are absolutely family…. I couldn’t imagine life without my best friend… she’s been my rock since first grade and we are almost 46….


  3. mjndiaye

    I feel so fortunate to have a solid group of friends who I’ve known since grade school. While we live across the US, we still all keep in touch and get together a second often as possible. It’s awesoke to share life together and to reminisce about when we were kids and compare that to our children’s lives.


  4. Yes.. we’re made social and that’s why friends are part of our lives. Sharing and helping each other are what friends are for. Just one thing to remember, get friends the good ones to add values to our lives, to one another..


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