Do you have the gift of hospitality? I am learning and have amazing mentors. On Saturday, I attended my friend Annette’s annual Christmas get together. Her house decorations are impeccable as well as her hosting skills. We had a delicious brunch and delightful conversation. Our friend Pamela brought cardstock and taught us how to make cute gift boxes.


On Sunday, I attended my friend Joyce’s annual girl’s get together. She has welcomed into her warm home for several years. It is always a treat to see everyone and catch up on life. The food was delish and our friend Georgina brought an adorable candy cane pin for us to make.


After attending two lovely gatherings, I learn to:

  • Send out invitations with date, time, and location (with map)
  • Communicate type of gathering i.e. casual, formal, semi-formal, etc.
  • Discuss menu and recommend guests bring side dishes
  • Explain gift exchange expectations i.e. white elephant, secret Santa,  one for everyone, and max amount to spend
  • Communicate hours of party
  • Put out hordeurs for guests to munch
  • Check in with each guest to ensure they have a drink, something to eat, are comfortable, etc.
  • Optional: Prepare a craft to make
  • Create a warm and welcome atmosphere

Overall, my weekend was filled with quality time with family/ friends, good food/fun and great fellowship. Who could ask for more?

Offer hospitality to one another

without grumbling. – 1 Peter 4:9

How is your Christmas season going?

Blessings, Rebecca

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