At what age did you start dating? That has been the question in my household for my teenagers.

For me, it was 16. I went to the junior prom with my date and some friends.

Our son will be 16 in a mere 3 months and he asked us if he and his friend could “hang out” with couple of girls. I talked it over with Austin’s friend’s mom and she agreed to it as well. The rules being a group in a public setting.

Since Austin’s foot is fractured, they had to find a simple activity. Bowling – nope. Put put golf – nope. Hang out at a coffee shop – yep.

Friday afternoon arrived and his friend’s mom dropped the pair off. At pick up, we asked how it went. He said it was fun talking all four of them.

Phew, that went well. Thank you Lord!

Do you have children dating? How is your family navigating these unchartered waters?

Blessings, Rebecca

2 thoughts on “Dating

  1. emilyryann

    Sounds wonderful that you’re so involved in your sons life.💓 —


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