Mother’s Day Traditions


Happy Mother’s Day!

This week, I invited Leah Hastings from Pure Flix to share her family friendly Mother’s Day ideas with us. Please welcome Leah from Pure Flix!

Blessings, Rebecca

Mother’s Day Traditions

Another Mother’s Day is upon us. Much like with other holidays, families often have traditions they do year after year, and many young families are looking for ideas to start traditions to do of their own. For instance, Rebecca enjoys going to the beach with her family to a special beach in Central California they now happily nicknamed “Mom’s Beach.” Most moms feel blessed just to have their loving family by their side 364 other days of the year, but here are a few ideas for Mother’s Day for Dad, the kids, and the whole family to make it an even more special day.

For Dad: Being a parent yourself, you know how much work it is to raise a family, and there’s a good chance mom goes above and beyond on a daily basis. What can you do to show her that her hard work every day doesn’t go unnoticed? That’s simple. Pamper her. Let her sleep in while you make her breakfast in bed to wake up to. Draw a hot bubble bath, light some relaxing candles, and put out a favorite book, and let her relax while you take the kids out of the house and she gets to have some rare time to herself.

For the Kids: Kids have it easy- just hearing a child say “I love you” is the best gift a mother can ever get. But if the kids want to do a little extra for mom themselves, getting crafty is a way for the kids to have fun while doing something to show how much they care. Rather than spending money on a bouquet of flowers for mom, kids can make a variety of Homemade Paper Flowers, often with items already in the house, for a fun and thoughtful spin on a common Mother’s Day tradition. Another gift made much more personal as a crafty project for kids is a homemade Mother’s Day card- much better than store bought. On the outside, they can decorate with a variety of colors and types of paper, and on the inside, they can write a personal message about why they love and appreciate their mom, or a bible verse about mothers.

For the Whole Family: A family outing on Mother’s Day might be the best gift of all, especially if mom doesn’t have to do the planning herself. Prepare some outdoor blankets, chairs, food, and drinks and have a Mother’s Day picnic after Church to let mom enjoy a nice day out of the house with her loving family. If mom has a favorite restaurant and you want to make dinner plans with the family, remember to make reservations as early as you can as Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants!


Holidays are a good excuse to spend even more time with each other by making future memories through fun traditions. Whatever traditions you decide to start with your own family, just remember that Moms are thankful for having you in their lives every single day. Happy Mother’s Day!

What is your Mother’s Day tradition?

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