3 Ways We Save


Have you ever been on a tight budget? Then, you know how to be creative in your spending habits.

This week, I’d like to share three ways we save.

20180701_170516.jpg1. Coupons–  We use coupons that come in the mail such grocery, retailer or restaurant coupons. We used to get the Sunday newspaper which has entire section devoted to clip out coupons. Periodically, we will support students selling coupon books filled with discounted local attractions. My kids’ enjoy when mom decides to use a Papa Murphy’s coupon, because they know it’s pizza night.


2. Garage Sales- This technique I learned from my mom as a young child. She’d drive us around on a Saturday morning hunting for bargains.  Today, you can do the same or many social media groups have virtual garage sales. For instance,  I just purchased this like new crackpot for $5. Also I picked up a bread maker for $10. The best find so far is a fire pit for five bucks.


3. Store Sales– I am frugal by nature and look for the best price for items. When I bought my new Honda Accord in the 90’s I researched all the local dealerships to find the best sale, rebates, etc. I do the same for smaller purchases too such as appliances or vacation packages. Recently, I discovered one of our local grocery stories has a $5 sale on Mondays to help drive customers on their least busiest day. As a result, I save several dollars waiting to shop at the beginning of the week instead of weekend. Plus, it is less crowded.

My friend worked at a major chain retail store refuses to pay full price, because she knows firsthand the hefty markups. She now shops at Ross and Marshalls which are heavily discounted.

These are just a few things we do to save money.

What are some ways you do to stay on budget? I’d love to learn.

Blessings, Rebecca


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