Creek Walk


This weekend my son invited me to a creek walk at Mount Hermon. In all honesty, I’d never been on one before.

So, we strapped on our sandals, decended down the hill and walked 1/4 mile adventure.


We plunged into cold refreshing water of Bean Creek and walked to where it meets the Zayanye Creek. While my body adjusted to the temperature,  I listened to our feet splash and different birds chirp along the way.

As we hiked, the ebb and flow reminded me of life. There were unexpected twists and turns. We had to dodge fallen trees, mossy rocks, poison oak and deep pools as a team. Yet, we were pleasantly surprised with peaceful waterfalls throughout our journey. Austin said, “Mom, I like the sound of running water.” I replied, “Me too and grandma Dinky loves the tranquility of water features.”


Although it was a sunny afternoon,  we encountered shady canopies of redwood trees in various nooks and crannies of the forest. I ran my hands across the rugged bark and steadied myself as we passed the trunks. I watched dragon flies flutter by and water bugs skip along.


As we rounded the final bend, I heard a distant whistle of a Roaring Camp locomotive. We happened upon Ferndell Falls. Magnificent! I took a deep breath of fresh mountain air and enjoyed its spray against my skin.


We concluded our time together on rustic wood bridge. Although this was my first creek walk, I suspect it won’t be my last.


Have you explored a stream? Please share with us.

Blessings,  Rebecca

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