School Shopping


I can’t believe school starts in less than 30 days. Wow!

My parents sent the kids some money to buy school supplies. So, my daughter and I set out to get paper, pencils, glue, binders, protractor, etc.

We went to Target in the mall and we came across their sale display. What a blessing to get key items for $0.25, $0.52 and $0.99.

Next, we went to the shoe store to get her some new shoes. Again, we were blessed to find a pair that was on sale, because every little bit helps. Also, I signed up for their rewards program that offers 10-15% discount.

We took a break to catch the sunset at the coast.


Then, we visited a dollar store near our place where we found other items like composition books.

We still need to purchase backpacks, lunchboxes and clothing, but it feels good to get a lot done ahead of time. So, we’re not scrambling when school starts.

Have you gone school shopping? If so, what tips do you have to share?

Blessings,  Rebecca

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