Beach Blitz


The kids asked me several times, “Mom, can we go to the Boardwalk Beach Blitz?” It is a fun youth ministry where kids can spend the night at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. The band The Afters and Kokua played a concert. Also, youth pastor, Jeremy Johnson, from LA spoke to the kids.

Austin with The Afters

I mulled it over for weeks,  because it was an additional expense we didn’t have funds for. Then, one of my co-workers offered to ask his church for a scholarship. Thankfully,  it came through one of our local  community church Hilltop Ministries.

Next, I had to dig for our camping tent.  I spent several days hunting for it without success.  Fortunately,  that same coworker offered to lend us his tent.


Friday night, we had a blast playing video games at the arcade and laser tag. We were served a yummy meal. We enjoyed the concert and sermon. At 11pm, it was lights out.

Saturday,  we broke down camp, ate breakfast, listened to another concert and sermon. Before the festivities, the kids and I took a walk along the beach. I thanked the Lord for the amazing weather we are experiencing in central California.


After the Blitz finished, we helped our friend celebrate her 14th birthday by riding the rollercoasters.

All in all, we had a blast and I learned it is okay to ask for help from friends.

What did you do for the weekend?

Blessings,  Rebecca


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