College Tour


Have you ever toured a college? I graduated San Jose State University in 1992. However, I don’t recall touring any college campus as a high schooler.

We have two college bound students. As a part of their education experience,  their school helped them to tour local colleges by taking field trips to UCSC, SJSU and Cabrillo.

Our daughter expressed an interest during middle school in attending Stanford University.  I committed to taking her there to check it out one day.

This past Sunday, we met my brother and sistet-in-law in Redwood City for pasta at The Old Spaghetti Factory; one of my favorite restaurants.


Afterwards,  we grabbed as mocha at Philz Coffee and drove south on the El Camino to Palo Alto and toured the Cardinal’s campus.

The chapel is breathtaking.  It is decorated with several beautiful stain glass windows and mosaic tile walls. We walked into a lovely choir singing hyms in preparation for the Roman Catholic service.


We wondered along the paths that lead aound various historic buildings.


The bookstore was an amazing four stories loaded with college fanfare.

At the end of of our journey, we explored the campus from our car and saw numerous dorm halls and sports complexes.

I am confident we will have many more college visits in the next couple of years until the kiddos determine what school is the best fit for each of them.

Blessings, Rebecca

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