Spring Routine


I was searching the web for other marriage and family blogs and came across Life Really. She shared her Fall Routine with her audience and it resignated with me; dropping off and picking up school aged kids. So, I thought I would share it with you.

As Spring approaches, I thought to myself, What is our routine? Here are a couple of things…


1. Spring Cleaning

There is something true about the adage of Spring cleaning.  In fact, Spring still nine days away. Yet, I found myself deep cleaning our cabin this weekend and tossing a bunch of stuff.

My husband and I talked about joining the next local flea market to sell some items we no longer use to gain space. It feels good to me to have clean and organized place.


2. Go Outside

Our family loves to explore our community.  We have awesome redwood forests and Pacific coast nearby. Here’s my daughter Alicia making wishes with dandelions in a field; simple pleasures.

We enjoy walking together places. Randy and I walked to town for a cup of coffee this past Sunday. Alicia and I walk around shopping and running errands. My son Austin and I like to hike local mountains and walk the creeks. All four of us walk the beaches and parks frequently. It will especially be nice this year, because we’ve received over 50 inches of rain.


Do you have a seasonal routine you’d like to share with us?

Blessings, Rebecca

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