Professional Growth


I am back at Mount Hermon’s Writer’s Conference for their 50th year celebration. There are over 300 authors, agents, editors and publishers in attendance.


Last year, I wrote about honing your craft.

This year, to improve my writing skills and grow professionally, I am attending Janet Holm McHenry’s major track called The Nuts and Bolts of Non-Fiction. We are learning  about the various non-fiction gendre.

One technique I took away from fellow bloggers is that they post twice a month. Currently, I post a weekly blog. In order to keep with current trends, I will begin posting every other week.


I stepped out of my comfort zone and attended a screenwriting workshop where I learned about Hollywood televion story formulas.


Also, I tried something new offered. It’s called a labyrinth where you can have structured quiet time with the Lord at various reflective stations. The one shown above had a quaint water feature, pens and paper to take down thoughts that come to mind.

It is a gorgeous Spring weekend here in the Santa Cruz mountains and I am thankful to be here.

Do you attend classes, workshops or conferences for personal and/or professional growth?

Blessings, Rebecca


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