Unplanned Surgery


Recently our family has been getting  routine physical exams. To my surprise, my doctor informed me that she found a spot that needs to be surgically removed.


The following week, I found myself in a new hospital about 60 miles north of where we live. The care I received was excellent.

I was told my recovery will take approximately six weeks. My mind raced and I looked over at my husband, “What about my team? What about my salary? Who is going to cook?”


I thank God he is helping us through the process. As for my work team, they have been so supportive and tell me do whatever it takes to get better.

As for my paycheck, I am a part-time employee.  So, I don’t accrue sick leave unfortunately.  However, my boss informed me of an amazing program my employer offers called Voluntary Sick Leave where employees can donate some of their sick leave to our family. This is a huge financial blessing!

As for meals, my co-worker setup a Meal Train for our family. Phew!  I was thinking to myself how is Randy going to take the kids to school, work, pick up the kids, do homework/chores, take care of me and cook dinner. What a blessing!

The quote “It takes a village” is so true. I could not have gone through process without the love and support of my community.  Thank you!

We just received the test results from the lab and the spot removed is cancer.

It’s been fourteen years that I have been cancer free.  The last bought was during my pregnancy with Alicia.  You can read my previous blog at My Miracle. She is a thriving Freshman in high school and is an awesome daughter.


I would solicit your prayers for my healing and wisdom how to proceed with treatment.

Have you ever had an unplanned surgery? 

Blessings, Rebecca

6 thoughts on “Unplanned Surgery

  1. Bonnie Bailey

    I am so sad to learn of this trial you are facing. I hope and pray that many of your co-workers will be generous in giving of their sick days. It is hard enough to face a health / medical challenge without needing to be concerned about finances.


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