This weekend was all about rest. We have been on the go this summer with numerous activities; albeit fun.

How does your family rest?


#3 We watched an episode of Family Feud from 1973 on Youtube and the top 5 answers were:

#1. Sleep

#2. Listen to music

#3. Watch TV

#4. Hot bath or shower

#5. Massage

So, we thought we’d try these things to relax.

#1 Both Saturday and Sunday we all slept in. It felt so good to catch up on good old fashion sleep.


#2 My son and husband went to see Aaron Shust in concert at Mt Hermon and enjoyed a good concert. Afterwards, Austin met the artist.


#4 We enjoyed refreshing hot showers throughout the weekend.  I thank the Lord for modern conveniences.


#5 I asked Austin to massage my tight shoulders and they loosened up.


I trust you had a nice weekend too.

Blessings, Rebecca


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