New York Times 3/28/2020

The State of California issued a Stay At Home Order for it’s residents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The kids’ school is closed until May 6th and they are doing online distant learning from home. It is like a scene from George Jetson cartoon from the future where their teachers and classmates are on a screen.

My husband and I work for two different camps which host events that center around gathering people. The Center for Disease Control has implemented meetings of less than 10 people and both camps have closed until approximately May 10. As a result of these changes, I am not working at the moment. We are thankful my husband is able to work a reduced schedule, because their Maintenance team is working on necessary projects during this shutdown.

It is challenging to stay home for an extended period of time and the kids’ teachers frequently remind their students to get some fresh air and sunshine. We are blessed to live in the majestic Santa Cruz mountains where we can hike in the serenity of God’s nature. Sometimes, we will throw a frisbee at our local meadow, ride a bike, play basketball, etc..


It is a blessing to be at home as well in that we have purposely slowed down and made intentional family time by reading our Bibles/books, watching movies and playing board games together.

Is your area mandated to stay at home? If so, I’d love to hear what creative ways you are handling it.

Blessings, Rebecca

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