Quarantine II

On March 30, I wrote about the State of California issued a Stay At Home Order for its residents due to the COVID-19 pandemic and I wanted to give an update. The County has issued the quarantine until May 3rd.

The kids’ school is closed until the end of the school year June 4 and they are doing online distant learning from home. It’s been several weeks and they miss their friends.

Our son, Austin, is a Senior and missed his prom last Friday night. In addition, his graduation commencement is jeopardized due to the County restriction of public meetings of less than 10 people. The school is committed to celebrating Seniors when the order is lifted. For that we are grateful.

I’ve been home from work since March 13th and just learned that our camps have been canceled for the summer. Sad! My work furlough could extend through Labor Day Weekend. Intense!

My husband Randy had a reduced work schedule until last Wednesday when his camp received a Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses. As a result, his full-time hours were restored for the next 8 weeks. Thank the Lord!


During this challenging time, we have been purposeful in getting outside for fresh air and sunshine. The week of April 8-15 all parks and beaches were closed. Fortunately, we were able to hike Mount Hermon’s trails and creeks.

We have spent a great deal of time working in our yard planting, pruning, clearing, painting, and pressure washing. It is coming along quite nicely.

Of course, there’s been time for R&R.


As I mentioned last time, it is a blessing to be at home in that we are healthy, safe and together. It has given me time to try some new recipes and bake. Yum!

I’d love to hear what creative ways you and your family are handling the quarantine.

Blessings, Rebecca

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