Back To School


In the midst of recent family life and work changes, we are getting ready to go back to school.


One challenge this year is the uncertainty about whether our daughter will have in-person instruction, distance learning or a combination of both. Our school district has scheduled a parent Zoom meeting next week to discuss our county health regulations for this school year. I am certain we will have a better understanding then.

As for our son, he is starting college this semester and the school confirmed it will be remote instructions; no in-class education for at least this semester. So, that question is answered and he can plan accordingly.

Last weekend, we started our school shopping; picking up essentials such as paper, pencils, binders, etc. Usually it is a fun time, however, it was a strange experience since they may not be taking a backpack to school. I believe the bulk of their assignments will be submitted electronically.

Another challenge our kids have with distance learning is not being able to hang out with their friends. This is a big part of their social well being in high school and college.  As a result, this summer they have had to be intentional about connecting with friends, whether it’s through texting, calling, or face-timing. I’ve noticed they are much happier afterwards. So, we are adjusting to this new norm.

How about your family? How’s it going with getting ready to return to the school season?

Blessings, Rebecca

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