[Seabright Beach lighthouse approximately 10 miles south of us.]

For the past few days we’ve experienced an out of the ordinary heatwave in Central California. Yesterday, it was 108F. Hot! I am not used to high temperatures mixed with humidity for several consecutive days. To combat the heat, my husband, son and I went for a creek walk yesterday. It was refreshing to dip our toes in cold water. It definitely brought temporary relief…


In addition, we had an electrical storm in middle of the night Saturday. Two big gusts of winds reaching up to 60mph, thunder, lightening and rain hit our region. The four of us watched the spectacular display from our bedroom window for approximately four hours. We prayed for our community’s safety, because we live in a forest area and fire danger is a high risk here. In fact, one tree branch landed on high voltage wires next door, sparked and caught fire. Thankfully it was short-lived and PG&E removed it the next day.

Our poor plants have suffered too during this heatwave. We’ve grown many from seed and it sad to watch our thriving flowers wilt. So, we’ve increased our water routine to try to save them.

How’s your week going? Anything out of the ordinary happen with/to your family? I’d love to hear about it. Please share with us.

Blessings, Rebecca

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