Sacred Ground/Sticky Floors Book Review and Giveaway


About the Book

How Less Than Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors by Jami Amerine
Eugene, OR – If one of your finest motherhood moments involves sitting in the back of a police cruiser with powdered doughnut on your face, being held for questioning for possession of narcotics, meet Jami Amerine, your new BFF.

Affectionally called the Lucille Ball of the Internet, Amerine, a mother of six  has often found herself in moments of motherhood mayhem like the police cruiser incident. It was in one of those moments when a text from a friend began to change her perspective on mothering. It took her eyes off the
mess and she began to focus on the sacred in each moment. “I’m sure the words ‘sacred ground’ conjure up some images for you and, most likely, they aren’t visions of where you are standing right now,” says Amerine. “If, like me, you’ve stepped on a Lego while barefoot, it can be difficult to wrap your
mind around the divine qualities of the path beneath your feet. But the place where you stand now, the place where you care for and lead those you love, is sacred ground.”

Amerine believes the essence of
parenting is less a laundry list of “how-to’s” or “three guarantees to raise perfect, God-fearing children,” and more a step by step trusting of a God who calls us daughters. Maybe you’re the mom, like Amerine, who sent her child to military school or watched a child walk away from the faith you worked so hard to instill. Or, maybe you’ve somehow bought into the parenting lie that it’s your fault when your kids make poor choices, do things you’ve never dreamed of, or choose to live with values far from your own.
In Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors, Amerine takes mothers of all ages inside the joyful chaos of motherhood, sharing
her adventures and mishaps and encouraging moms to let go of “perfect” parenting and find rest in the perfect

While Amerine relates to women who feel they’ve messed up as a mom—believing they’ve failed their children,
their spouse, and their God—she offers hope and shares what she has discovered:
• The biggest parenting lie we often believe
• Why we need to seek the Bible and the wisdom of spiritual giants
• Why we can’t make our kids love Jesus
• How to rest in our identity as daughters of a perfect Father
• Why our belief in Jesus is the thermostat for our home
• How we need to let Jesus be Jesus for our children
“The sacred ground of my home, where my children will learn about Jesus Christ, where He dwells with us has
sticky floors,” says Amerine. “In my journey as mother, I have given up my dignity, my last French fry, and my
whole heart. I now believe this journey we’re on is not about being a perfect parent. It is about being parented by a
perfect Father. It is about uncovering and trusting that perfect Parent so you can parent with your messes and
flaws and be present for little human beings in want.”

Meet the Author


Jami Amerine posts about Jesus, parenting, marriage, and the general chaos of life. She holds a master’s degree in Education, Counseling, and Human Development.

She’s been featured on numerous occasions on and several other syndicated sites
including Scary Mommy and Mamalode.

She’s also been featured on Fox News, Today Parenting, and Huffington Post.

Jami loves her husband and kids, is afraid of flying, addicted to Jesus, Facebook, blogging, and babies. She loves to travel and hang at her parents’ lake house outside of Houston. Her dad is her #1 fan. She has run the gamut in
trying to raise perfect humans and is proud to say… she failed. They are imperfectly wonderful! She is a Christian who tends to get snarky and is anti-Jesus fish bumper stickers because she is a lousy driver.

Jami and her husband, Justin, have six kids, are active in foster care advocacy and reform, and live in Texas.  Learn more about Jami at

Author’s Interview

1. Jami, you and your husband, Justin, have six children ranging from young adult to preschooler. Tell us a bit about your family.

Justin and I have been married for 26 years.  His cousin introduced us.  We have 4 biological children. Maggie is 23, she is married and runs an embroidery shop from her home. John is 20, he is our Marine. Luke, who wrote the afterword to my new book, just turned 19, he lives with us and works and studies yoga.  And then Sophie is 16, she is a junior in high school.  Then, we started all over with foster care and adoption.  We met Sam for the first time when he was 10 days old.  He is now six and in kindergarten.  Charlie, was three months old when we first met him.  He is now 4.  We have had some short-term foster placements and one very long one.  The long-term foster placement was with us for two years, she has been gone a year now.  We relocated to the North Houston area a year ago.  We are 5 minutes from my parents and sister.  My brother and his family live about 10 miles away.  We are very close to my family, not just in proximity.

2. You interact with women daily through your blog and ministry, particularly moms. What do you think are some of the biggest issues that moms are facing?

Well, there are health and marital struggles, as always.  But I think one of the biggest struggles Christian moms face is the truth of who they are in Christ.  We are daughters.  Our motherhood did not negate our birthright as daughters.   When our kids are failing, it is easy to let that burden define us.  I have come to a place in my walk where I recognize that my kids are wholly a part of me and wholly apart from me.  There are so many things I want for my children, protecting their innocence seems like the biggest hill to climb in this day and age.  But, I really believe God and what He says about me and my children.  We are righteous because of He who died.  When I parent or correct them from this place, the world seems a lot less hopeless.  

3. If you spend any time on Facebook or other social media, motherhood is often painted as this exhausting life that requires hiding in the bathroom and drinking copious amounts of wine just to make it through. It may get a laugh but why do you think our culture has this view of motherhood? Our culture may think it is funny, but I am a good mom.  The majority of my readers are good moms.  And you know what, I really like my kids.  They make me laugh.  I enjoy their company.  I am tired, sometimes I need a medicinal fix, but I am proud to say, I love my babies.  I want younger women to know that.  This is a great gig. 

4. You write that of all the lies you believed in the earlier years of parenting, the greatest was believing that your hard work could bring you peace. Can you explain more?  I really believed in what I call an if/then Jesus.  If I am perfect, then my kids won’t struggle.  And I worked tirelessly to be everything.  When they or I stumbled, I tucked tail and waited for the wrath.  Wrath that was resolved on Calvary.  Good things happen and bad things happen.  God remains.  I love this about Him.  

5. How do we let go of the hold we often have on our kids and let God parent us?  Believe Him.  Not just believe He exists, BELIEVE what He says about you.  You are His.  They are His.  We are their brothers and sisters in Christ.  He is just good.  We are totally in His care.  And so are they.  It takes practice… but this is my battle cry.  

6. What encouragement can you offer moms who are exhausted from trying to be the perfect parent?  You are perfected.  He chose you, specifically for these humans, who He knows and loves even more than you can fathom.  You do what you are best at, let Him fill in the gaps.  Pray without ceasing, and believe.  And never be afraid to ask, HELP MY UNBELIEF.  I know for a fact, He is totally cool with that request. 

May your floors be sticky and your calling ordained.  Jami

Book Review

I enjoyed reading Sacred Ground Sticky Floors (How Less-Than-Perfect Parents Can Raise Kind of Great Kids.  Jami shares her ups and downs of parenting and is totally relatable. I appreciate her transparency in being a mother. I recommend your read her latest book. In fact…


Now it’s your turn to read Sacred Ground Sticky Floors as we’re giving away a FREE copy. I’d love to hear from other Moms and Dads seeking to raise their children with godly character. Simply comment below on how you train up your child(ren). Your name will then be placed in a drawing.

On November 12, 2018, we will randomly select a winner. The winner must supply his/her mailing address to us no later than November 19, 2018.

One Free copy will then be shipped directly to the winner’s address provided. The winner must reside in the continental United States of America.

Blessings,  Rebecca





“Hey Becky, we are camping in Felton tonight and we’d love to see you.” This is the text I received Thursday afternoon from my Uncle Jim.

He and my Aunt Cookie are spontaneous retired folks from Montana. They parked their RV two miles from our place. They picked a fabulous time to travel through California as our weather has been high 70s, low 80s.


I called my brother who works about 75 miles away to come join us. We enjoyed sweet fellowship over a delicious meal catching up on our lives.

They packed up and headed to Vegas.  Then Arches, Bryce and Zion National parks before heading home.

On Saturday, we joined friends, Bill and Linda, on their porch enjoying good conversation and a mocha.


View of redwoods from porch swing

On Sunday, my brother, Greg, and his wife, Connie, joined my dad, Jim, and Step-Mom, Dinky, at Harry’s Hofbrau smorgasbord. As always,  Harry’s delivered a scrumptious home style meal.


We talked and ate for an hour or so. Then, we transferred to my parent’s home to continue visiting.

As the hours passed, we chatted and watched the Warriors beat the Nets, the Cardinal beat the 49ers and half the World Series with Red Sox against Dodgers.

Afterwards, we headed back to our cabin to get ready for school and work the next day.


When we arrived home, our son , Austin, said, ” We’ve had a good weekend.”

“Yes, we did,” I said.

There’s something about fellowshipping with others that fills us up with joy and satisfaction.

How do you fellowship with others and how does it make you feel?

Blessings,  Rebecca



4am Sunday I awoke to the sounds of crackling and popping.  I thought to myself, Is someone walking around outside our place? I looked out our side window and saw nothing. I pulled back our front door curtain and to my horror, I saw a fire raging.

I yelled, “Fire” to alert my husband two kids who were still in bed. We threw on our shoes, grabbed valuables and evacuated.


As I was running out the door, I dialed 911. Within minutes five agencies responded to extinguish the flames.

The darkness of early morning accentuated the orange blaze.

Our community gathered watch as the  neighbor’s house was engulfed.


Embers floated throughout the sky. Two more neighboring houses,  a tree and brush also caught fire.

The firefighters tackled it from all angles.  We so appreciate their bravery and skill protecting life and property.

I thank the Lord everyone safely evacuated their homes.


Here is a couple of news briefs reporting it: Felton Fire BL Fire SC Sherriff  Patch


I learned during this crises that life is delicate and to cherish family, community and  an emergency/evacuation plan.

Blessings,  Rebecca

Spontaneous Shopping and Dining


My daughter asked me if we could go shopping over the hill, because she received gift cards for her birthday.

We went to Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose where she shopped at her favorite store Forever 21. She found a new shirt and sweatshirt.

Next, she checked out Hollister and bought a cute shirt.

We headed over to Old Navy where my son found an athlete shirt and used one of his gift cards.

Austin wanted to window shop downstairs where the high end stores are located. We saw Tiffany & Company, Cartier, Prada, Coach, Luis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and a couple of stores we had never heard of Balenciaga and Tadashi Shoji.

As we strolled along, the door guards and robotic security guard greeted us.

We crossed the street to shop at Santana Row so Alicia could use her H&M gift card. I chuckled to myself as we arrived in our 1999 Toyota Camry we lovingly named, “Betsy.” I parked near a Lamborghini,  McLaren and Audi R8 Etron.

She found an adorable purse and I found a comfy sweatshirt.

On our way out, the kids popped into Gucci. Some of their classmates wear sporty designer sneakers, and they wanted to check them out.


Our stomachs started rumbling. So, we headed over to In and Out burgers. It’s a treat to eat there, because we don’t have them in Santa Cruz.

We hopped in Betsy and headed to DSW Shoes to find sneakers for Austin. We had never shopped there before. Alicia tried on high heels for the first time.

Austin asked if we could go to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We drove 5 miles to Sunnyvale.  He found a cool pair of Addidas shoes.

Exhausted,  I drove 60 miles back home and rested for the night.

Randy conducted an eulogy recently for a friend/fellow firefighter, and his widow blessed us with a gift card to the Chaminade Resort.

We enjoyed their Sunday brunch featuring omlet, waffle and prime rib stations. There were salads, fruit, stuffed chicken, stir fried vegetables, potatoes, bacon/sausage, homemade breads and crepes. Our delicious meal was topped off by decadent desserts such as dark forest cake, homemade brownies/cookies, cheesecake,  ice cream and chocolate fondue.

It was an unique weekend for sure. We thank the Lord for extravagant blessings.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new? I’d love to hear about it?

Blessings, Rebecca



Annette. Sandi, Me and Pamela 

I attended the annual PSWC women’s conference for the third time. It is a funtastic weekend gathering together to worship, learn, eat, play and rest.

20181007_165451Much time was spent around this fire pit eating snacks and sharing stories with one another late into the night.


Pastor Rici Skei

Our retreat speaker was an amazing teacher. She taught us the importance of dwelling with God; taking time to be still before the Lord regularly.  I’ll be honest it challenged me, because our busy schedules can keep us from just being still.


AVA and New Day for Children

I also learned the PSWC Covenant Church members are compassionate about helping others. They had representatives there who shared about two organizations they support; one for battered women and the other for children rescued from human trafficking.


In addition,  they brought their missionarie from Chile to share what’s happening in South America; especially with displaced citizens fleeing from dangerous towns gripped by drug cartel.

All in all, it was a nice time with girl friends relaxing. And, I didn’t have to cook or clean. Wink. Wink.

Have you attended a women’s conference? If so, please share with us. 

Blessings,  Rebecca



Have you ever listened to a song from the past or looked at an old photo album reminiscing about the good ol’ days? Well, this past weekend we dusted off some of our family DVDs of days gone by.

We watched Randy and I get married. It was fun to see how it all played out 17 years ago. Our teens understood the significance of our vows, asked a lot of questions and thought about some things they would like at their wedding.

Couple 19

We watched Alicia coo with her chubby cheeks and bright eyes as she played with her grab toys. As she grew, we saw her sing and dance.


Alicia with Nani

We watched Austin sing his ABCs, play the drums and play little league baseball.

We enjoyed the various special activities such as birthday parties, Easter egg hunts and opening Christmas presents.


We laughed and cried at our family memories and look forward to making many more.


Christmas tree hunt

Do you have a special memory you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear it.

Blessings,  Rebecca

Good Old Fashion Fun & Giveaway


This weekend,  my brother Greg and my sister in law Connie joined us in Felton to celebrate my birthday by riding a steam train.



We rode 30 minutes up to Bear Mountain which we learned has the steepest grade in northern America.

The sun was shining through the majestic redwood forest.


We heard bands playing in the background during the Sol Festival celebrating the first day of Fall.

Afterwards, we ate at a local bbq restaurant.  The flavors made our mouths water.


Then, we returned to Mount Hermon to grab an expresso and ice cream. Simply delightful.


Once Greg and Connie headed home to the north bay, we jumped in the car and attended the Saturday night service at Twin Lakes church. We studied Galatians 5:22 The Fruit of the Spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience,  kindness,  goodness,  faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. The one take away I learned is to avoid a killjoy of negative thoughts, because they affect your mood.


As we rode through the redwoods, I thought to myself, This is good old fashion fun. Just hanging out with family on a beautiful day enjoying nature. I love it!

Blessings, Rebecca


Now it’s your turn to win a free 8X12″ floral decopauge wood cross hancraftedread by my husband Randy. Simply comment telling us how you enjoy good old fashion fun. Your name will then be placed in our drawing.


On September 27, 2018, we will randomly select a winner. The winner must live in the continental US and supply his/her mailing address to us no later than September 30, 2018. One Free 8X12″ floral decopauge cross will then be shipped directly to the winner’s address provided.


Beach Blitz


The kids asked me several times, “Mom, can we go to the Boardwalk Beach Blitz?” It is a fun youth ministry where kids can spend the night at the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. The band The Afters and Kokua played a concert. Also, youth pastor, Jeremy Johnson, from LA spoke to the kids.


Austin with The Afters

I mulled it over for weeks,  because it was an additional expense we didn’t have funds for. Then, one of my co-workers offered to ask his church for a scholarship. Thankfully,  it came through one of our local  community church Hilltop Ministries.

Next, I had to dig for our camping tent.  I spent several days hunting for it without success.  Fortunately,  that same coworker offered to lend us his tent.


Friday night, we had a blast playing video games at the arcade and laser tag. We were served a yummy meal. We enjoyed the concert and sermon. At 11pm, it was lights out.

Saturday,  we broke down camp, ate breakfast, listened to another concert and sermon. Before the festivities, the kids and I took a walk along the beach. I thanked the Lord for the amazing weather we are experiencing in central California.


After the Blitz finished, we helped our friend celebrate her 14th birthday by riding the rollercoasters.

All in all, we had a blast and I learned it is okay to ask for help from friends.

What did you do for the weekend?

Blessings,  Rebecca


Helicopter or Free Range Parenting?


Courtesy of

Are you a helicopter parent, a free range parent or somewhere in between?

This week, our daughter  Alicia,  turned 14 and is now a Freshman in high school. The challenge for me is knowing how much to hold on and when to let go.


What age can she wear make-up, date, attend sleepovers, etc.? We as parents have to make tough choices.

My experience has been to allow activities with clear boundaries and watch to see how your child handles the additional freedom. If they are acting responsibly,  then enjoy their growth. If they are not acting responsibly, then alter the activity to fit their maturity.

It’s bittersweet watching our kids grow.  I am so proud of their accomplishments.  However,  it reminds me they are one step closer to adulthood.

How about you? How do you handle parenting with the bigger issues in life? I’d love for our parenting community to share what worked and what didn’t work. 

Blessings  Rebecca

Ill Loved Ones

Courtesy of

Have you ever had a sick loved one? This week a close family friend endured a heart valve transplant operation.  It has been a roller coaster ride and I’d like to share three ways we found to help.

1. Pray – We’ve been praying asking God to guide the physician’s hands and for a quick recovery.

They set up a group chat to keep us posted on progress. It’s a very helpful way to communicate.

2. Visit – If your loved one invites you for a visit to the hospital or their home, it is an encouraging way to help him/her.

I must reiterate being invited, because I learned as a teen that you never just show up. I thought I would stop by to see how my coworker was doing at the hospital and, to my surprise, she became agitated and told me to leave.

3. Serve – We ask folks how we can help; even if it is picking up some milk at the grocery store.  In this instance, our friend asked us to coordinate some meals so they don’t have to cook when they return home.

I set up a meal schedule using Meal Train that allows folks to pick a day and time to drop off a meal they prepared.

Another successful program we have used is Sonshine at church wherein volunteers make a meal and drop it off at the person’s home. We benefited from it when my second child was born. It was helpful feeding our family of mom, dad, toddler and newborn.

Another cool program my husband was a part of as a volunteer firefighter was the women’s auxiliary wherein wives cooked meals, stored them at the firehouse and after a fire call, the guys would chow down.

So, these are just some of the ways we help ill loved ones. Of course, there are little things we do to nurse minor sickness such as make them comfortable, serve soup, read to them, give a card or dispense meds to get them back on their feet.

What are some ways you help ill loved ones?