Working at Mt Hermon, I can feel the energy rise as summer camp begins. An additional couple hundred of summer staff have joined us for three months. Also, we will host thoudands of guests from near and far seeking R&R with their families.

We love camp! Over the years, we have attended many and I’d like to share some memories with you.

One memorable time was when we served at Camp Attitude. We helped families with special need children by washing dishes, cleaning cabins and taking out trash. Who knew it could be so fun?


We’ve attended family camp as guests enjoying all the exciting activities too.

Then, there are Mother-Daughter and Father-Son camps spending quality time one on one with our kids.

Of course there are youth camps Austin and Alicia have a blast at with old and new friends.

In addition, it is a treat to have fun with girlfriends at a women’s conference.


Randy has attended men’s conferences and Man Camp which boast of guy fun.

I went to one reflective retreat; a solemn time indeed.

So, that’s just a snapshot of some fun camp memories which I hope our children continue the tradition with their future families.

As I write this, it occurs to me that Randy and I should attend a couples retreat now that the kids are older.

What camp memories do have to share? I would love to hear them?

Blessings, Rebecca