Ruined Relationships


While perusing Facebook today, I came across a trending Hollywood story of family strife between Goldie Hawn, Bill Hudson and their kids.

Evidently, on Father’s Day, their son Oliver posted an Instagram of a family photo with the caption, “Happy Abandonment Day!” Afterwards, Bill publically disowned his two children, and asked them to discontinue using his last name. You can read the story for yourself Bill Hudson Blasts Goldie Hawn For Ruining Relationship With Oliver & Kate.

I confess I’ve never experienced any family feud quite like this. I do, however, come from a divorced family, and understand the pain associated with a broken family.

A few years after my parents divorced, my father remarried. My mother and stepmother never liked each other, nor got along. So, I get the animosity part. Yet, as a parent, I don’t get the disowning your children part. Sad!

I’m praying for the Hudson family’s healing and reconciliation.


How about you? Can you relate to Bill and Goldie, or Oliver and Kate? I’d love to hear your insight!

Resonate Blog

I wanted to share another resource for parenting and children. It is Twin Lakes Church Resonate Blog which hosts authors with diverse backgrounds and experiences who share their encouraging stories.

This week my previous guest blog author, Barbara Taylor, shared her heart-wrenching story about a time her twelve-year-old son decided he wanted to live with dad. Read more to find out what happened a dozen years later.

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