Honor, Respect, and Prioritize


The Krusees 8/2015

Last week, I watched Joel Osteen’s message, Healthy Familes. It resonated with me on all three points:

  1. Wives honor your husband
  2. Husbands respect your wife
  3. Parents prioritize your children

I’ve embeded his website link in this week’s blog for your enjoyment.


Watch Now!

My takeaway is to stop what I’m doing when my son or daughter want my undivded attention. This is a challenge as I tend to be task oriented, and have my “to do” list. I remind myself to put down the dishes or laundry, switch gears and play a board game or watch a family movie when they are pulling on my apron strings. It’s definetely a fine balance between completing household chores and spending quality time together. I realize they are only with me a brief time before they venture off to college, careers and family life.

I hope you too find Joel’s gentle reminder lends to a healthier family.

After watching Joel’s message, what is your takeaway? Please share it with us.