Ticking Time Bomb


Last week, Ahmed Mohammed was arrested in Texas for bringing a clock to school which he allegedly made. Authorities arrested the teen for possession of a hoax bomb.

Later, Richard Dawkins posted on Facebook that the teenager didn’t event build it, but wanted authorities to incarcerate him.

All the news surrounding this incident is making my head spin as a parent. First, I heard on the radio, he was severely shunned. Then, he was praised for his ingenuity and invited to many companies’ science and technical fairs.

As a results of similar past incidences, my own two children don’t have lockers on their public school campus. I remember how fun it was to have my very own locker in middle and high school where I could store my books between classes along with my personal items.

Nowadays, due to bomb threats, knives, guns etc. most schools do not have storage lockers for kids. Sadly, they are forced to carry outrageously heavy backpacks.


What are your thoughts on this controversial subject?