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Working Mom

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Do you ever struggle balancing working with motherhood? I think a lot of moms find it difficult to balance career and parenting.

When I was fresh out of college, a 60 hour work week was the semiconductor industry standard. Initially, I found my manufacturing management position rewarding. Down the road, I dreamed of having a family of my own. Most of my friends were married and had children. In fact, one day a co-worker of plopped in my office chair and said, “Rebecca, why aren’t you married yet?” I sat stunned, “I’m not sure. I just haven’t met the right guy yet.”

Fast forward a few years, my focus became my marriage and family life. Now, I enjoy watching my kids grow. My new challenge is balancing work, taking care of our household, and helping with homework.

One way that helps me balance my day is starting out with some quiet time with the Lord, praying and reading God’s word. Carving this time out of my busy schedule always helps me keep focused and makes my day go smooth.

Can you relate? If so, what tips have you found successful?

Top Challenges of Marriage

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This week I researched some top issues facing marriages today. One that caught my eye was #5 on the Family Share site.   They state:

5. Career decisions

Another big trial in the marriage relationship has to do with bread-winning. If you both have careers, the challenge will be the perception of whose job is more important. If just one of you has a job, the one who stays at home will need to find some other means of fulfillment. Jobs sometimes require relocation, which can put stress on the relationship and disrupt children’s lives. Every career decision must be approached with care and consideration, including taking into account the wants and needs of every family member.

I’ve found this true in our marriage, because early on we decided to have one parent stay home with our two children. Randy was a commercial plumber and I was a manager in Silicon Valley. We made the difficult decision he would be our stay-at-home dad. At the time, it was non-traditional. He stayed home with our son and daughter for thirteen years. Just last year, he returned to the work force. He is a landscaper for a Christian Conference Center and loves his new role. After I left the manufacturing industry a few years ago, I taught  for a private preschool until free public transitional kindergarten was implemented. About five weeks ago, I started working in the Facilities Department of a Christian Conference Center and I too love my new role.

Although career choices can be a challenge in a marriage, I believe it can also be rewarding if you both agree with the changes. Fortunately,  for us we are excited for each other’s new season in life. My hope and prayer is peace as you make a difficult decision regarding your career shift.

Are you changing your vocation? If so, please share with us.