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We celebrated my sister-in-law’s 50th birthday and my brother’s upcoming birthday this weekend.


Her celebration comes shortly after the Christmas where we celebrated the birth of our savior.


Last October, we celebrated my dad’s 80th birthday.  That’s a big one!


Truth be told though, birthdays have always been a bit awkward for me.  Since they are a gift from God, I am learning to embrace them.

How do you and yours celebrate birthdays?

Blessings, Rebecca

Adopted Family

free-christmas-gifts-best-christmas-event.jpg (650×366)

As Christmas approaches, I thought I would share with you a short story about a time when our family was adopted for Christmas. I hope you enjoy…

Blessings, Rebecca

Every good and perfect gift is from above. – James 1:17 

Four days before Christmas, we still hadn’t any gifts for our nine-year-old son and seven-year-old daughter. Due to my recent job loss, my stay-at-home husband/dad and I didn’t have money to purchase presents for our children.

Two weeks earlier, I learned about a local outreach program where they placed your name on a list in the hopes a family would adopt you. I sheepishly applied for our kids so they would have presents to open.

A week later, I received a phone call, “Rebecca, our family has adopted your family for Christmas. We got everything on Austin and Alicia’s wish lists. I’d like to drop it off Wednesday.”

Stunned, “Wow, I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much. Yes, we’ll be here.

I meandered into the garage, “Hon, guess what? We’ve been adopted and she’s bringing our gifts next week.”

“That’s fantastic news,” he chimed.

“You’ll never guess who adopted us. It’s the children’s new school principal. It’s such a small world. I taught her daughter at preschool.” We chuckled.

The day arrived to receive our gifts, and I looked at my husband, “How do you feel?

My stomach is little queasy,” he said.

Mine too. I’ve never done this kind of thing before. We’ve always been able to provide gifts for our children. It’s very humbling.

We heard a knock at our door. My heart pounded in my chest. “Good morning. How are you? I’ve got all your gifts in my car,” she beamed.

We slipped on our shoes, “Let us help you bring the gifts in.”

To our surprise, she reached into her minivan and handed us several brightly wrapped boxes. Our arms were brimming with presents. “Wow, thank you very much! We really appreciate it.

“You’re very welcome. It’s my pleasure. I especially like to help my students.” She hugged us and went on her way.

As Randy and I sorted through the bounty of gifts, we found a $100 grocery gift card labeled “For Mom and Dad.” Tears welled up in my eyes, Thank you God for blessing our family this Christmas.

Have you ever been adopted or adopted a family for Christmas? Please share your experience with us. 

Veteran’s Day


Happy Veteran’s Day!

I would like to thank all the brave men and women who serve/have served in the Unites States military. I appreciate your courage and sacrifice to keep our country free!

Starting bottom left Dad, Brother Greg, Me, Daughter Alicia, Son Austin, Husband Randy, Sister-in-law Connie, Stepmom Dorene.

Starting bottom left Dad Jim, Brother Greg, Me,  Son Austin, Husband Randy, Daughter Alicia, Sister-in-Law Connie, Step-Mom Dorene.

I’d like to send out a special thanks to my Dad, Jim Mosberger, who served in the US Air Force during the 1950’s. He was stationed in Savannah, Georgia. His passion was  maintaining  military airplanes until he discovered his color blindness. This news crushed him, however, he understood the seriousness of possibly crossing color coded electrical wires. As a result, he retired from the military and moved to California where he met my Mom. The above picture is his 77th birthday celebration…

Sharing is Caring


Thank you for sharing. It shows me you are caring are the lyrics to a song we sing in pre-school. Yet, it’s my observation kids’ least favorite activity is sharing toys. It’s my experience that children will inevitably want the same toy to play with at the same exact time. The rule at our school is to ask your friend, “Can I be next?” Then the other child will respond, “Yes,” play for awhile and hand over the item. However, there are times when a child will respond, “No!”

Why is it so hard to share? Like when you are savouring a delicious meal and your spouse asks, “Can I have a bite?” Of course you give them some, but deep down you may be thinking, “No!”


Sharing appears to be a learned behavior varying from culture to culture. Some people share everything with others such as their money, time, house, car, clothes, food, etc.


I believe the ultimate act of sharing is when God gave His one and only begotten son, Jesus, to be a randsome for the world’s sin. Often, I look at my thirteen-year-old son,  and am reminded of His loving sacrifice.

How do you share or teach your children to share? Or has anyone shared something special with you? Please tell us below.

Mr. Mom


I’m so excited to introduce my guest blogger this week….drum role please…my husband Randy Krusee. We met in 1998, married in 2001, welcomed Austin in 2002, and welcomed Alicia in 2004. I invited him to share his experience as a stay-at-home Dad with you. Please welcome Randy Krusee!

Blessings, Rebecca

Being a husband and a father of two has been an incredible journey these past thirteen years! Going from a rugged plumbing contractor to Mr. Mom took four months to settle in. I’m the one staying home and not Rebecca? I would beat myself up saying, “Am I really cut out for this?” We’d decided before the children were born that one parent would stay home.

I’m not aware of any Mr. Mom boot camps out there that could prepare you for the long haul ahead. It took a solid four months until I settled in, and not to worry about what others thought of me in my non-traditional role.


This period also turned me into a real softy being able to look into my son’s eyes, and say, “I am your Dad. Wow! Two years later having a daughter. Incredible! What an opportunity I’ve been blessed with!

Yes, it was very difficult at times! No doubt! Times of changing messy diapers, cleaning up vomit, calming fevers, sleepless nights, and dropping one off at pre-school while entertaining the other at home. For awhile, the only words I heard during the day were, “Goo Goo Gaa Gaa!” I learned getting out, and talking to adults occasionally helped considerably.


Some days you get everything done around the house. Followed by the next day that nothing would get accomplished. Things are sure different nowadays than during our childhood. Some dads back then would come home from a hard day’s work, and demand a hot meal to be set before them on the kitchen table. They would look around, and say something like, “What have you done all day,” to their wives. Really?

Hats off to our moms, all moms, and recently some dads who’ve stayed home through the years! It is an extremely hard job, but most rewarding.

So, if you are able to stay home with your kids, the rewards are priceless!

All you stay-at-home parents feel free to chime in and share!