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On this Memorial Day weekend, we would like to thank and acknowledge the courageous men and women in the US armed forces for their sacrifice to keep America free.

It’s been three weeks since my surgery. Although it has been a intense journey, I am on the mend.

I met with my surgeon last week and she informed me they removed a walnut size cancerous tumor. She said, “I am healing perfectly.” For that I give praise to God for answered prayer.

We also met with a radiologist to see if I would be a candidate for radiation. Randy joined me during the consultation and we were surprised a the numerous risks and adverse side effects. Would you stand with us in prayer that my PET/CT scan this Wednesday comes back negative?

For the first two weeks, doctor’s orders were to not sit, but be in a laying position. You’d think that lying down would be easy, but it’s not; especially for an active person. I am now able to lean/sit comfortably. In fact, while I was being examined by the radiologist, she said to me afterwards, “You can sit up now” and I sat half way leaning on my elbow. She said it again, “Ok, sit up now.” I informed her I could not sit in a full upright position yet and we both laughed. It’s funny the things you take for granted, eh?

This medical time off has definitely given me some much needed time to rest, read and reflect.


A few days ago, I was getting cabin fever. So, Randy took me to get a mocha and sit on a park bench overlooking the ocean. As we looked to our right, we could see the Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk and the wharf. The sun and sea breeze felt refreshing. Believe it or not, our little trip drained my energy and I came home to nap.


My big adventure was going grocery shopping with Randy. The store manager lent me an electric cart so I could get around the store. Beep beep!

On Saturday, I took my first walk in several weeks. It was brief and slow on the go, but felt great.

Our friends invited us to house/pet sit while they vacation in Europe. When they heard about my procedure, they were concerned we couldn’t fulfill our obligation. However, I informed them, “I am either going to sit on my couch or yours.” We chuckled about it and off they went.

I would like to thank our awesome community of family, friends and co-workers who have supported us during this difficult time. We appreciate your prayers, meals, gifts and assistance. Thank you so much!

Have you undergone a surgical procedure and how did your recovery go? I’d love to hear about it.

Blessings, Rebecca

PS My son Austin has taken up a new interest in designing shoes and started an Instagram page. Check it out! @kruseekicks



“Hey Becky, we are camping in Felton tonight and we’d love to see you.” This is the text I received Thursday afternoon from my Uncle Jim.

He and my Aunt Cookie are spontaneous retired folks from Montana. They parked their RV two miles from our place. They picked a fabulous time to travel through California as our weather has been high 70s, low 80s.


I called my brother who works about 75 miles away to come join us. We enjoyed sweet fellowship over a delicious meal catching up on our lives.

They packed up and headed to Vegas.  Then Arches, Bryce and Zion National parks before heading home.

On Saturday, we joined friends, Bill and Linda, on their porch enjoying good conversation and a mocha.


View of redwoods from porch swing

On Sunday, my brother, Greg, and his wife, Connie, joined my dad, Jim, and Step-Mom, Dinky, at Harry’s Hofbrau smorgasbord. As always,  Harry’s delivered a scrumptious home style meal.


We talked and ate for an hour or so. Then, we transferred to my parent’s home to continue visiting.

As the hours passed, we chatted and watched the Warriors beat the Nets, the Cardinal beat the 49ers and half the World Series with Red Sox against Dodgers.

Afterwards, we headed back to our cabin to get ready for school and work the next day.


When we arrived home, our son , Austin, said, ” We’ve had a good weekend.”

“Yes, we did,” I said.

There’s something about fellowshipping with others that fills us up with joy and satisfaction.

How do you fellowship with others and how does it make you feel?

Blessings,  Rebecca

Women’s Conferences


I have wanted to join our church women’s conference for years, however,  I was unable to due to previous commitments. This year, I attended Hope Stories with two friends Linda in pink and Rachel in the blue pictured above.

We enjoyed a delicious Greek lunch, worship music with Elizabeth Hunnicutt Summers and three inspirational speakers share their story on how God carried them through life.


We gals pour ourselves into our families and sometimes need to rejuvenate. If you have never taken time to refresh with other ladies, I highly recommend it whether its grabbing a cup of coffee, taking a walk or attending a conference together. Enjoy…

Have you attended a woman’s conference? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Please share with us.

Blessings, Rebeccs



Do you have the gift of hospitality? I am learning and have amazing mentors. On Saturday, I attended my friend Annette’s annual Christmas get together. Her house decorations are impeccable as well as her hosting skills. We had a delicious brunch and delightful conversation. Our friend Pamela brought cardstock and taught us how to make cute gift boxes.


On Sunday, I attended my friend Joyce’s annual girl’s get together. She has welcomed into her warm home for several years. It is always a treat to see everyone and catch up on life. The food was delish and our friend Georgina brought an adorable candy cane pin for us to make.


After attending two lovely gatherings, I learn to:

  • Send out invitations with date, time, and location (with map)
  • Communicate type of gathering i.e. casual, formal, semi-formal, etc.
  • Discuss menu and recommend guests bring side dishes
  • Explain gift exchange expectations i.e. white elephant, secret Santa,  one for everyone, and max amount to spend
  • Communicate hours of party
  • Put out hordeurs for guests to munch
  • Check in with each guest to ensure they have a drink, something to eat, are comfortable, etc.
  • Optional: Prepare a craft to make
  • Create a warm and welcome atmosphere

Overall, my weekend was filled with quality time with family/ friends, good food/fun and great fellowship. Who could ask for more?

Offer hospitality to one another

without grumbling. – 1 Peter 4:9

How is your Christmas season going?

Blessings, Rebecca

Tea Time


It was tea time and I drug my feet getting ready. I just felt blah. Probably because this week we had unexpected car troubles and I was contemplating how we were going to purchase Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Upon arriving, I entered a winter wonderland that was warm and inviting. My girlfriends greeted me with big smiles and hugs.


The evening unfolded with great conversation, laughter, delicious food and presentation.


Our speaker was Amy Carol of Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Her message was simple; Center and savor. Center yourself, calendar, etc. Savor your family, God, etc.

It was a perfect reminder for me to focus on Jesus and my family/friends this season. Our time together was what I needed for refreshment.

I went home and asked my family what was most important to them during Christmas, and prayed for the means to provide.

Cast all your anxiety on Him,

because He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

How is your Christmas season?

Blessings, Rebecca

Take Time


As the busyness of the holidays kicks in, I am reminded of the simple idea of taking time to be with your family/friends.

A case in point – A few years ago, I was digging frantically through my walk-in closet searching for a long lost item. My then three-year-old niece tugged on my sleeve, “Auntie Becky…Auntie Becky.” Irritated, I remarked, “What?” “I love you!” Gulp. I realized she simply wanted my attention at that moment and that item somehow was no longer important.

So, I encourage you and myself to remember to take time with your loved ones.

Blessings, Rebecca

Tough Times


This past week has been tough! My life seemed like a roller coaster with its ups and downs; twists and turns. First, we were blessed with a new place to live. The kids were excited to unpack their boxes, and I was thrilled to move in before winter hit.

Yesterday, we explored our new surroundings, and hiked to Eagles Landing observation deck. I marveled at the amazing vista of Scotts Valley, California!


Second, my friend Dianna Cornell passed away of kidney complications. I miss her smile, hugs and encouraging words. She was an awesome friend, and taught me how to blog using WordPress. I featured her Guest Blog on February 23, 2015.

Dianna loved the Lord. The good new is she’s now present with Him and pain-free. Although, it is a sad time for her family and friends, it’s also a hopeful time in that one day we will see her again in Heaven.


During this topsy turvy time, I’ve learned four things that have helped me cope.

  1. Focus on God – I find that when I start my days reading my Bible and praying to God, it always goes smoother. His peace helps me through my hectic day.
  2. Prioritize Activities – I know I can’t possibly do everything all the time. So, I write what needs to be done down and determine what needs to be done first. Once I complete it I cross it off my “To Do” list and move on to the next task.
  3. Persevere – When I feel overwhelmed, I remember to press through and keep going. Otherwise, if I stop or slow down, work piles up and I feel worse. So, I do what I can without compromising my sanity or healthy.
  4. Ask for Help – I’m extremely independent. So, this is next item is definitely a learned behavior for me. If I need assistance, I now ask my husband, son, daughter, other family or friends for help. They are always eager to help in time of need.

My hope is these simple steps can help you during a stressful season of life. I’d love to hear how you have successfully navigated through tough times. Fee free to share your insight with us.