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Parental Involvement


Is it important for parents to be involved? According to several research companies; one being Education.com it is. They list several benefits to involvement with your kids. Just to name a couple:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved academic achievements

Prior to researching the benefits, my husband Randy and I agreed early on in our marriage we would spend quality time with our kids. Some of the activities we do as a family are:


  • Serve our community as volunteers
  • When doing an activity, everyone participates (i.e. snow sledding, riding roller coasters, walking, riding bikes, hiking, swimming, etc.)
  • Help with homework, class projects, etc. or hire a tutor
  • Attend school field trips, plays, etc.
  • Eat meals together frequently
  • Attend church, read the Bible and pray together regularly
  • Support their extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, camps, play dates,etc.

Not only has been fun, but I believe it has helped our children to have confidence and do well in life.

I’d love to hear how your are involved your children’s lives, and how it has helped! Feel free to comment below.

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