Interview with Author Karen O’Connor


I’d like to introduce a wonderful lady and very talented writer, Karen O’Connor. I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with her for our church Twin Lakes Women’s Ministry blog, and I absolutely love her sense of humor!  I’m am thrilled to share her interview with you! So, without further ado, please welcome Karen O’Connor…

Blessings, Rebecca


1. Tell me about yourself.
I’m a freelance writer and writing instructor, a mom, grandma and great grandma, also a recent widow.
2. How did you get started writing?

I began my writing career 40 years ago when my children were young but all of them in school. I had wanted to become a published writer ever since third grade and that’s the truth! Throughout school all my teachers complimented me on my writing and speaking skills and I always felt comfortable with both.

3. Where do you do most your writing?

I write at home in my home-office. I rarely write elsewhere. I like my environment. It’s quiet and peaceful and I can stay focused on what I’m doing.

4. What is your biggest challenge writing?

I don’t have a big challenge. I love going to my desk each day to do whatever is on my schedule. Ideas come easily to me and I enjoy the projects I’m working on–whether a book, magazine article, blog, newsletter or teaching an online class in writing for kids 10-14 through my daughter Julie’s online business for homeschooling parents and their children–

5. What do you love most about writing?

I love the freedom to express my creativity and my thoughts and ideas. I honestly feel that I have had a history of good mental and physical health because of this outlet.

6. What do you like to do besides write?

For fun I enjoy hiking, walking, line dancing, spending time with my grandchildren and going out for coffee and conversation with close friends. I also participate in two areas of ministry: 12-Step recovery programs and corresponding with female prison inmates through Garden Path Ministries.

7. What do you hope your readers will get out of your books?

In recent years I have focused on writing books for seniors. My goal is to inspire them with help, hope, and humor.  Some of my most popular titles include: Gettin’ Old Ain’t For Wimps, 365 Senior Moments You’d Rather Forget, and Help, Lord! I’m Having a Senior Moment.


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I hope you enjoyed my guest interview as much as I did!