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Girl’s Day Out


My daughter asked me to spend a day together just us girls. So, I took her school shopping part deux Since she She will be a freshman in high school in less than a month, I took her school shopping part deux.

We headed to the big city over the hill from us about 60 miles away. First stop, we ran our truck through the car wash and got fuel.

My stomach started rumbling.  So, I took her to a fast food chain my dad took my younger brother and me to when we were kids. I savored a delicious chili cheese hotdog, because we don’t have this place where we live.


Next stop we checked out two local clothing stores in the neighboring town. Alicia found some cute jeans and hoody.

We then went to the mall to her favorite department store where she purchased a couple of darling shirts.

20180728_163444They say love is patient. So, while I patiently sat waiting for my daughter to try on multiple outfits, I realized we definitely were not the only ones shopping here as it took 20-30 minutes to find parking and the store was ransacked.


The technology had changed in the mall. We saw these approximately 4ft robots guarding the high end designer stores.


Also, it was pretty cool to see construction equipment putside. I chuckled to myself at their sign that said 200 stores still open during expansion, because our local mall has less than 100 stores/services.

After our day together,  we headed back up the mountain, grabbed a u-bake pizza and chilled with the boys for the evening. I enjoyed hanging out with my girl and look forward to our next adventure.

Have you spent the day with your child one on one giving them special attention? If so, I’d love to hear what you did.

Blessings,  Rebecca




Do you ever date your children? In other words, do you take your kids out one on one aka mano-a-mono? This week, while my husband  and daughter attended a Dads-Daughter retreat, our son and I spent quality time together. We explored our neighboring community; San Jose, California. While, we were together, I realized there are three things we can do “date” our children.

  1. Be Purposeful – Our busy schedules challenge us to take time to play. We love to do things as a family such as camping, walking, hiking, etc.! So, for me, I must be purposeful in planning time alone time with each of my children. 20160422_182514-1
  2. Let them Pick – As a parent, it’s easy for me to plan my children’s events. This time, I asked Austin, “What would you like to do?” In my mind, I had a specific restaurant I like to frequent. However, I let him choose where we ate. Guess what? He picked the very one I love! Here we are pictured at Kianti’s Italian Restaurant in downtown Santa Cruz, California. The next day, I was thinking of taking Austin fishing at our local lake that opened up after three years of drought. However, he chose to explore my old stomping grounds in San Jose. Unlike me who grew up on a PC, he grew up on Apple products at school and owns an Iphone. He asked is we could tour the Apple campus. Here he is in front of the beautiful building located in Cupertino, California. Although, the offices were closed, to our surprise, their store out front was open. We window shopped and saw their watches, mac books, beats headphones, tv, and souvenirs. 20160423_114812_resized
  3. Be Present – Often, we can get sidetracked by phone calls, e-mails, texts, etc. Austin wanted to play put put golf. While we played, I noticed another mom working on her Ipad the entire time. The saying, “They are only little for a short time” is so true. So, I personally savored every minute with my teenager, because I know in in 5 short years he’ll be off to college! Enjoy your children, because they are a gift from God. – Psalm 127:320160423_131604_resizedDo you take your son or daughter out one on one? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share…