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Taking a (Spring) Break


Does your life ever get too busy? Our does at times.

For instance, last Thursday I dropped the kids off at school and went to work. A couple hours later, I picked Alicia up from school to take her to her doctor’s appointment.

After I returned her to school, I went back to work for a couple more hours. Then, I picked up Austin from school to take him to the DMV.

Later that day, I made a spaghetti dinner for us and checked on homework assignments.

Although both kids are involved in after school activites such as sports, academics and work, Thursday was not a typical day or else I would probably run myself ragged.

This week is Spring Break and we’ve decided to do a staycation. Here’s three ways we are catching up on our rest.


1. Sleep

Sunday, we all four slept in and made it a PJ day.


2. Watch TV

Saturday, we watched a good wholesome family movie on Pureflix.

We also watched reruns of Wipeout a show where contestants compete on a wacky course to win prize money. We enjoyed some harty laughter.

My husband enjoys educational programming; especially archeological findings.


3 Read/Write

Throughout the weekend we found time to read our Bibles, books, newspaper, etc.

Also, I enjoy writing my blog.  My daughter enjoys writing fiction short stories or in her diary. We also keep journals.

I especially like our thankful journal where we capture all the good things God has done in our lives for the year and read it together as a family at Thanksgiving.


Obviously this is not an exhaustive list of ways to rest, but it helps us decompress from life’s demands.

What are some ways, you find rest?

Blessings, Rebecca

Family Reading Time


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Do you read together as a family? We do, and cherish the time spent together. We often start our day reading our Bible. It is a perfect way to connect with God first thing and helps our day go smoother. It has been my experience that if I skip my quiet time, my day tends to be more chaotic than days that I put God first.

This past weekend, we spent quality time both Saturday and Sunday learning God’s word, soaking in worship music and talking through some tough issues our family is facing. The moment drew us closer as a family, helped us resolve problems, opened lines of communication with our teens and was enjoyable. Who knew?

Happy reading! Rebecca


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