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Spontaneous Shopping and Dining


My daughter asked me if we could go shopping over the hill, because she received gift cards for her birthday.

We went to Westfield Valley Fair in San Jose where she shopped at her favorite store Forever 21. She found a new shirt and sweatshirt.

Next, she checked out Hollister and bought a cute shirt.

We headed over to Old Navy where my son found an athlete shirt and used one of his gift cards.

Austin wanted to window shop downstairs where the high end stores are located. We saw Tiffany & Company, Cartier, Prada, Coach, Luis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and a couple of stores we had never heard of Balenciaga and Tadashi Shoji.

As we strolled along, the door guards and robotic security guard greeted us.

We crossed the street to shop at Santana Row so Alicia could use her H&M gift card. I chuckled to myself as we arrived in our 1999 Toyota Camry we lovingly named, “Betsy.” I parked near a Lamborghini,  McLaren and Audi R8 Etron.

She found an adorable purse and I found a comfy sweatshirt.

On our way out, the kids popped into Gucci. Some of their classmates wear sporty designer sneakers, and they wanted to check them out.


Our stomachs started rumbling. So, we headed over to In and Out burgers. It’s a treat to eat there, because we don’t have them in Santa Cruz.

We hopped in Betsy and headed to DSW Shoes to find sneakers for Austin. We had never shopped there before. Alicia tried on high heels for the first time.

Austin asked if we could go to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We drove 5 miles to Sunnyvale.  He found a cool pair of Addidas shoes.

Exhausted,  I drove 60 miles back home and rested for the night.

Randy conducted an eulogy recently for a friend/fellow firefighter, and his widow blessed us with a gift card to the Chaminade Resort.

We enjoyed their Sunday brunch featuring omlet, waffle and prime rib stations. There were salads, fruit, stuffed chicken, stir fried vegetables, potatoes, bacon/sausage, homemade breads and crepes. Our delicious meal was topped off by decadent desserts such as dark forest cake, homemade brownies/cookies, cheesecake,  ice cream and chocolate fondue.

It was an unique weekend for sure. We thank the Lord for extravagant blessings.

Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and tried something new? I’d love to hear about it?

Blessings, Rebecca



Image from Apartmenttherepay.com

This weekend we enjoyed a mixture of activities. On Saturday, Alicia and I decided to mix up our grocery shopping routine and tried a different local grocer. We were introduced to some wonderful new foods.

Then, I dropped her off at her friend Heather’s house to go swimming. After Austin worked as a landscape assistant, he went for a mountain bike ride.

Randy and I spent a big chunk of the day organizing and cleaning. We came across some family photos on DVD and that night all four of us cherished some special memories.

On Sunday, we attended Church on the Beach which is hosted in August at Capitola Beach.


It is very cool to attend church outdoors at the ocean with the sun shining, cool breeze blowing, seals swimming, birds flying and waves crashing.


Afterwards, I grabbed two mochas at a Mr Toot’s coffee shop that I had never been to. Delish!


We then grabbed lunch nearby and shopped at the mall for some school, work and home supplies.


Austin purchased his first hammock,  climbed inside and completed his homework in the comfort of our front yard.


We also planted a succulent pot for the first time after watching Garden Answers on YouTube.

All in all, we had a very nice weekend mixing it up…

Have ever had a hodgepodge time? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Blessings,  Rebecca

Girl’s Day Out


My daughter asked me to spend a day together just us girls. So, I took her school shopping part deux Since she She will be a freshman in high school in less than a month, I took her school shopping part deux.

We headed to the big city over the hill from us about 60 miles away. First stop, we ran our truck through the car wash and got fuel.

My stomach started rumbling.  So, I took her to a fast food chain my dad took my younger brother and me to when we were kids. I savored a delicious chili cheese hotdog, because we don’t have this place where we live.


Next stop we checked out two local clothing stores in the neighboring town. Alicia found some cute jeans and hoody.

We then went to the mall to her favorite department store where she purchased a couple of darling shirts.

20180728_163444They say love is patient. So, while I patiently sat waiting for my daughter to try on multiple outfits, I realized we definitely were not the only ones shopping here as it took 20-30 minutes to find parking and the store was ransacked.


The technology had changed in the mall. We saw these approximately 4ft robots guarding the high end designer stores.


Also, it was pretty cool to see construction equipment putside. I chuckled to myself at their sign that said 200 stores still open during expansion, because our local mall has less than 100 stores/services.

After our day together,  we headed back up the mountain, grabbed a u-bake pizza and chilled with the boys for the evening. I enjoyed hanging out with my girl and look forward to our next adventure.

Have you spent the day with your child one on one giving them special attention? If so, I’d love to hear what you did.

Blessings,  Rebecca